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Applications to Use for Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of any business. The digital marketing strategy centers on sending out emails to potential customers and maintaining already established relationships. Although social media use is steadily increasing, email remains the most effective communication channel. According to optinmonster, at least 91 percent of consumers check their email everyday; the same can’t be said for social media use.

When you employ this channel of communication, you have the benefit of actually owning your email list. Social media accounts can be suspended or deleted at the drop of a hat. You can completely avoid this risk when you direct your company’s resources toward email marketing.

Emails also convert better overall. People are likely to spend more money buying products marketed via email as opposed to simply coming across an ad somewhere online. With an ROI of 3,800 percent, email marketing is shown to be the most effective way to sell products and services online. Check out these programs tailored specifically to help your company establish stronger marketing campaigns:

MailChimp: MailChimp is the largest marketing automation platform in the world. It’s made to help businesses – big or small – find their niche audience, engage that audience and further establish their brand. This platform builds email marketing campaigns that are equally unique as the message you want to get across.

Constant Contact: Constant Contact is an application extension of QuickBooks® Online that makes it quick and easy for your business to set up a marketing campaign through syncing your email contact lists and staying up-to-date on new contacts and customers. This “all-in-one” marketing platform promotes your business with easily accessible tools, free coaching and online/local education.

HubSpot: HubSpot also falls into the category of an all-inclusive marketing platform. While they do offer multiple services, email marketing campaigning is one of the main focuses. Using drip campaigns, HubSpot approaches your business’ leads with a personalized touch that will provide them with everything they need to transition into paying customers. Any interface with your company’s content is set up to prompt a fitting follow-up.

These are just a few examples of applications that can put your business on the right track to proficient email marketing. Avoid confusing your priorities by allocating your resources toward this effective business strategy and you’re guaranteed to see a positive change in your sales.

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