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Recruitment in the post-pandemic era: 5 innovative hiring techniques

As the world becomes more and more plagued by COVID-19, we see new opportunities become available that were unheard of just a few years ago. These are now taking on an influential role in our society, helping shape what life will be like for us later down the line.

Recruiting the right people for an organization is a crucial step to success. Recruitment can make or break your company, and it’s not easy work finding those who will be able to take on these roles.

Companies are going away from the traditional recruitment methods, in favor of more effective and less time-consuming ones.

These new, innovative techniques will give you an edge over other job seekers, while also saving your company valuable resources.

1. Recruitment tools on mobile phone

The smartphone era is the new millennium, and it’s an industry that isn’t going anywhere. With the dramatic rise in smartphones and social media platforms, mobile technology becomes even more important for companies choosing the right platform for talent sourcing.

One of the most popular and convenient ways to find a job these days is through your phone. Companies have started using apps for recruitment purposes, allowing workers to apply from their phones with ease. This increases convenience on both sides – applicants can easily search jobs they’re interested in, while companies are able to bring in more people who applied willingly because it was easy! You can scroll through many different websites to find the best talent! You can even find freelancers there, such as artists or a freelance medical writer.

 2. Using artificial intelligence to recruit

In a post-pandemic world, hiring managers often find themselves in an awkward position. Nowadays, applicants for various jobs are coming at them left and right to fill one single job opening, which can be time consuming, even with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

The recruiting industry has changed so much over the past decade. AI is now a vital component of this process, and it’s up to businesses to keep themselves on top by continuing their effort in attracting new talent every day.

Half of recruiters are finding it tough to find the most qualified candidates from a large applicant pool. Ready for a powerful solution? AI helps eliminate the threat of human bias in hiring. It speeds up the process and brings forward resumes that match job specifications, which then eliminates any possibility for error or misunderstanding when it comes to choosing candidates who are qualified for a position.

3. Take advantage of the Applicant Tracking System

Technology has always been around, but its potential to be exploited is now greater than ever. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) goes deep into matching skills and requirements of the jobs, with a specific criterion for applicants who match job descriptions. This helps managers select talent that is most suitable for the job, giving them an edge in recruitment management and making their company more diverse and profitable through work-life balance initiatives.

4. Go for cloud-based technology

Cloud-based technology provides recruiters with a seemingly endless database of qualified candidates. Not only does it allow companies to scout out the top talent, but it also provides flexibility in remote work policies, which eliminates location restrictions on jobs.

With the integration of payroll and HR systems in place, employees were able to focus on other important aspects that would keep them safe.

After implementing a cloud-based or third-party system for their payroll process, companies experienced fewer disruptions, due to pre-pandemic preparations.

A recent trend in the world of payroll outsourcing is going cloud-based, meaning that companies are handing over their entire process to a third party. This has proven beneficial for those who work remotely or have hectic schedules because it saves them time and allows them to focus on other parts of their job, while someone else handles payroll.

5. Video interviews

In the post-pandemic era, online interviews are a great way for applicants to save money and time. It’s also beneficial for companies who may be in need of employees!

Video interviewing can be a great way to get an insight into how the interviewee interacts with you. This is the case because video interviews give employers access to subtler body language and emotional clues that might not come across in person-to-person interactions. Video interviewing also provides convenience, allowing for quick responses from both sides of the table, without prepping or scheduling meetings around one another’s time frames. In turn, this saves companies valuable time, while giving candidates more flexibility on their schedules, too!

Adapt or get left behind

In the post-pandemic world, organizations were forced to come up with newer strategies in order to keep themselves afloat. This proved more of a blessing for companies who took advantage and adapted quickly by figuring out how they could still make money from all this chaos. Companies who adapted to the new unstable environment were more successful than those that didn’t.

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