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Best QuickBooks apps, add-ons and integrations for 2021

QuickBooks® Online offers numerous applications and add-ons that integrate seamlessly to automate workflows, bookkeeping, invoicing, data entry, and more. These easy QuickBooks integrations streamline operations to help small- and medium-sized businesses run smoothly.

QuickBooks Online Advanced users can benefit from our growing collection of best-in-class Premium Apps, which enable access to your important financial information all in one place. With these customizable tools, business owners no longer have to spend hours manually inputting numbers and information. Instead, these integrations boost productivity and make QuickBooks the single source of truth for your finances and your business.

Because there are hundreds of apps and add-ons in the QuickBooks App Store, finding the right one for your business can be challenging. That’s why we rounded up our picks for the best QuickBooks apps and add-ons that can grow with you and your business. Take a look at the QuickBooks Online Advanced set of Premium Apps and other standouts from our QuickBooks App Store that make bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and other financial operations a breeze.

Premium apps for QuickBooks Online Advanced

One of the most highly rated apps you can sync with QuickBooks is gives you more financial control by allowing you to set up customized workflows and routing rules for faster and easier approvals from any device. With the integration, all of your bank account information syncs with QuickBooks to help you manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable. When you connect to your QuickBooks Online Advanced account, the Premium App-only capability of deep linking between bills in both programs is enabled.

Using with QuickBooks syncs your invoices, customers, accounts, book balance, and vendors. This functionality allows you to create payment schedules, set reminders, automate approvals, and more. Whenever a bill needs attention, you’ll be able to access it fast with the app.


If you’re in need of customer relationship management (CRM) software, the HubSpot integration is a must . With HubSpot and QuickBooks, you can see everything about your leads and customers, all in one place. HubSpot is one of the best QuickBooks integrations because it allows businesses to sync their CRM and accounting softwares to speed up their sales cycle, helping sales and finance teams work better together. With QuickBooks Online Advanced and its HubSpot integration as a Premium App, customers can bring invoices into QuickBooks in a draft state, and set up their own automated flow to move invoices from draft to review and approval between HubSpot and Advanced.

Benefits of Hubspot


Another top QuickBooks app is Salesforce. Salesforce allows you to connect your business accounting and CRM so you can see how your business is running and where it can be improved. The Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks is a Premium App available for QuickBooks Online Advanced users only. It’s great for bringing your sales and finance teams together to ensure consistent information is maintained between accounts, invoices, and payments. You can also share data such as customer information, sales orders, expenses, and invoicing between these two teams. With these two systems working in tandem, you have complete visibility into your business and cash flow. With data in real time, the connector provides you with accurate data to drive business growth.


E-Signature app DocuSign is the first e-Signature integration added to our suite of Premium Apps. DocuSign eSignature Connector for QuickBooks Online Advanced enables teams to track down signatures from clients, employees, and other professionals when needed. DocuSign eSignature allows you to seamlessly sign, send, and manage digital documents directly from QuickBooks Online Advanced. With DocuSign e-Signature for QuickBooks Online Advanced, you’ll be able to send an estimate out for electronic signature directly from QuickBooks making business convenient for you and your customers.This integration is exclusively available for QuickBooks Online Advanced users only.


LeanLaw is an industry-specific integration that boosts productivity for law firms and legal businesses. We’ve ranked this as one of the best QuickBooks apps because it puts the data and reporting you need as a law firm right at your fingertips. The QuickBooks Online Advanced integration enables tracking for an array of processes, such as trust accounting, client reports, and billable hours, to name a few.

Leanlaw Integration

LeanLaw is a prime example of how QuickBooks Online Advanced’s Premium Apps can meet the specific needs of your business and particular industry.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is owned by Intuit® and works automatically with QuickBooks Online. With QuickBooks Payroll, you can pay and manage your team all in one place. Integrating payroll, human resources, taxes, health benefits, workers’ compensation, and more, QuickBooks Payroll is your go-to app for tackling payday.

QuickBooks Payroll also comes with auto payroll, same-day direct deposit, and advanced mobile time tracking by QuickBooks Time to make tracking hours and paying employees painless. Small business owners can also benefit from QuickBooks Payroll come tax time. This app runs your payroll for you with the latest rates for sales tax, income tax, payroll tax, and more. It also calculates payments and files forms automatically.

Other popular apps

In addition to Premium Apps, the QuickBooks App Store is home to additional add-ons that can sync with your QuickBooks software. Some popular apps worth noting include:


Fathom is a must-have QuickBooks integration for any small- or medium-sized business that analyzes your company’s health by looking at cash flow, profitability, and other performance indicators. As you run the Fathom app, you’ll be provided visuals of business intelligence data and trends, including the financial and non-financial elements of your company. Once you’ve received the information, you’ll be able to strategize and form plans to tackle any issues head-on. Even better, QuickBooks Online Advanced users get a Fathom subscription free as part of their Advanced monthly subscription.

Amazon Business Purchases

Amazon Business Purchases is a new app integration that is perfect for companies that want a simple way to bring in Amazon Business purchase transactions directly into QuickBooks. The Amazon Business app saves time and reduces manual data entry by retrieving the purchases automatically each day. You can then review and reconcile these purchases in QuickBooks. The app also provides details such as product descriptions, item costs, and fee breakdowns for every transaction. Once you have these details, you can organize and sort them into different categories and match with your bank transactions for better expense management.


Expensify is one of the best QuickBooks add-ons, and for good reason. With Expensify, employees can expense purchases with the click of a button. By photographing a receipt, whether it’s for gas or a client lunch put on a company credit card, employees can easily get their expenses approved.

Expensify’s SmartScan technology pulls information, such as the merchant’s name, dates, and expense amounts, and imports them into QuickBooks for fast and easy approval. Gone are the days of holding onto paper receipts for weeks on end. Expensify can handle your administrative work, track expenses, and create a receipt bank so you can get your cash flow moving.


With Magento, you can sync your sales in minutes and track your inventory to save hours of manual data entry. Magento has numerous useful functions, such as allowing you to create an invoice in QuickBooks Online when an order is created in Magento. You can also create a new item in QuickBooks Online when a product is created in Magento. Magento also allows you to create multiple sales channels to QuickBooks Online to ensure stock levels are current, with products matched by product name or SKU. For streamlined inventory management, Magento is the way to go.

Wrapping up

Although we’ve shared just a handful of the top QuickBooks apps and add-ons, we’ve merely scratched the surface. To get the most out of your business, leverage the power of QuickBooks add-ons. From improving workflows to increasing productivity and efficiency, QBO has the tools you need to get started. Check out the QuickBooks App Store to see what plug-ins and apps are available to you.

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