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Find more growth opportunities using new revenue streams in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Revenue is up, employees are happy, and you’ve even managed to eat dinner at home four times this week … but what exactly sparked this growth?

As the owner of a fast-growing business, you know not all revenue is created equal. Even in the midst of a growth spurt, there could still be some lines of business that aren’t pulling their weight, while others might be adding more value than you anticipated. Understanding these nuances will not only make you a more profitable business, but also keep it on an upward trajectory that could lead to faster growth.

We know that how you make money is almost as important as how much money you make. That’s why we’ve introduced our new revenue streams feature for QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Untangling multiple revenue streams

How your business makes money is more complex than “product out, money in.” You’ve got to consider the profit and loss for each of your revenue streams to truly understand where you’re making the most profit.

If you offer more than one good or service, how can you know for sure which ones are most profitable? How can you tell which ones might need a bit more attention? Or which good or service should maybe be dropped from your offerings?

Revenue streams view is designed to measure your key performance indicators and intuitively provide actionable insights. As a new feature for QuickBooks Online Advanced, revenue streams can easily be viewed on a desktop or mobile and gives you access to your business’s most important information—which goods and services are generating the most revenue.

Historical reporting for a brighter future

One of the best features of the revenue streams view is the ability to use historical data to create a comprehensive plan for your future. Revenue streams displays historical trend lines, giving you a quick illustration of variables like seasonality or other patterns.

Customization that works for you

With revenue streams, you can adjust timeframes, pick and choose revenue streams, and compare up to three different trend lines to see which revenue stream is the most profitable and when. By using these tools to compare and contrast, you can discover how to more effectively scale your business.

Revenue insights that matter

As an automated feature, revenue streams gives you the opportunity to check your revenue streams with just a few clicks.

QuickBooks Online Advanced is committed to making you a better business owner; one who is more focused, more efficient, and more effective. With the revenue streams view, you’ll have access to the visibility and insights you need to make smarter, more empowered decisions for the future.

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