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Now You Can Accept PayPal Through QuickBooks Too!

By Vinay Pai, Vice President, Intuit Developer Platform

Small businesses can now send invoices and accept payment through QuickBooks and PayPal

There’s nothing better than getting paid quickly. Intuit just announced a way for you to get paid even faster with PayPal. By the end of 2016, QuickBooks users will be able to send an eInvoice from QuickBooks Online and seamlessly accept payment from their customers through PayPal.

PayPal is a natural fit for QuickBooks: it gives small businesses a way to tap into the 188 million consumers looking for PayPal as a way to pay.

Your PayPal data will seamlessly carry over into QuickBooks, eliminating time-consuming data entry and cutting out the likelihood of human error. Other integration perks include the ability to:

  • Import PayPal payments and fees into QuickBooks.
  • Have invoices are automatically marked “paid” when a customer pays via PayPal.
  • Automatically sync valuable customer information with customer information from PayPal.
  • Securely download other transactions, such as expenses and bank transfers, into default categories within QuickBooks.
  • Automatically import from PayPal into QuickBooks.

Best of all, we already know it’s a winner. Since launching in Australia in November 2015, thousands of businesses have connected QuickBooks and PayPal to get paid. Intuit data found that QuickBooks Online customers connected to PayPal in Australia were paid on average twice as fast.

We’re thrilled to partner with a company like PayPal to help you manage your books, get paid faster, and seamlessly sync all of your financial data. Our friends at PayPal are pretty excited as well. Click here to read PayPal’s perspective from Dan Leberman, the vice president of North America Small Business at PayPal.

Where in the world are you based? Let us know in the comments how this PayPal integration will positively impact your business!

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