Connect QuickBooks Time to Procore and get accurate cost management on your Procore Projects.


  • Use Procore for managing Projects and QuickBooks Time to track time. Have them work seamlessly together.
  • Use the best app for the job, Procore to Manage Projects
  • Sync Procore Projects & Sub Jobs to QuickBooks Time Jobs and Subjobs
  • Allow Time tracking into accurate QuickBooks Time cost codes.
  • Bring approved timesheets from QuickBooks Time automatically to Procore’s Financials, Timesheets, Timecards & Daily Log
  • Connect Projects, Cost Codes, Employees and keep an accurate handle on your timesheets.


  • Procore users will be able to have their staff use the best QuickBooks Time features: QuickBooks Time mobile timesheet app, set up GPS tracking & geofencing, manage employee schedules, use a timesheet kiosk and access smart reports.
  • Time from QuickBooks Time will be sent to Procore for accurate Job Costing, Profitability analysis and Daily log updates on the project.
  • Project Managers in Procore can have an accurate and an up to date visibility of Budgets vs Actuals and identify problems early rather than long after being over budget.
  • Use the best app for the job


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