Streamline and simplify payroll with QuickBooks Time + Square. No hidden fees. Just integrated, efficient business management.


You need payroll that works for you–not the other way around. Welcome to Square Payroll, which works seamlessly with the go-anywhere power of mobile time tracking with QuickBooks Time. Set up in minutes and let Square Payroll and QuickBooks Time take care of everything from integrating timesheets to paying employees to filing payroll taxes. With transparent, pay-as-you go pricing and mobile-friendly,  integrated technology that offers a hassle-free approach to some of the most tedious aspects of business management, you’ll go from stressed to streamlined before you can say “payday.”


One stop shop for business management. Take your business to the next level of convenience, accuracy and efficiency in minutes by consolidating your business management tools into one convenient place. Whether you're creating sales reports, processing payments, or running payroll, Square provides all the tools you need in one convenient dashboard–anytime, anywhere.

Sync up and save with fully outsourced payroll. Watch automatic, accurate business management become the norm with the combined powers of Square and QuickBooks Time on your side. Experience the next level of efficiency with fully outsourced payroll that includes everything from tax withholdings and filings to state and federal government, to integrated timecards that import with just a click. QuickBooks Time tracks data such as mobile employee locations via GPS, jobs/tasks, overtime alerts and breaks that import to Square with just a click and give you all the information you need to make payroll a breeze.

Simple, transparent pricing. The only surprises you should expect to find are good ones, which means you’ll never be blindsided by extra fees for running payroll off schedule, printing W-2s or making corrections. We also know that every business is unique–which means that with Square and QuickBooks Time, you pay for only what you need. You’ll only be billed for the employees you pay in any given month.

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$25/mo. subscription. All payroll tax filings and payments included.

+$5/mo. per employee paid. Pay only for the employees you pay that month.