Keep organized by project.


Available in QuickBooks Online Plus

Create projects

Manage work your way by keeping all project-related information in one place.

Track costs

Connect invoices, expenses, and transactions to each specific project.

Manage workload

View all open projects to easily understand where you're spending your time.

Easily track job profitability with reports.

Project profitability

See how much money you're making or losing on every individual project.

Unbilled time and expenses

Track all time and expenses on your projects and view outstanding payments and unbilled work.

Nonbillable time

Understand the full scope of a project by also tracking nonbillable time for each project.


Why should I use projects?


Projects gives you a central place to get a bird's-eye view of your jobs along with all the associated transactions, notes, and reports.


We've added four custom reports to help you easily see the profitability of your projects, invoices that need to be sent, sales transactions related to the project, and any nonbillable time.



What project statuses can I set?


There are three different project statuses: In progress, Completed, and Canceled. Just change the status to reflect what state your project is in.



Can I budget by project?


Yes, this is often used as a workaround for an estimate to project report. Create your budget, and select Subdivide by Customer, and then choose the project the budget is for.


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