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  • mistake oops

    6 Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Year

    by on October 1, 2014

    According to the SBA Office of Advocacy [PDF], only half of new businesses survive for at least five years, and only a third of them make it for 10 years or more. With odds like that, you’ve got to do everything you can to increase your chances of success. T…

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  • fitness

    Is Your Business Financially Fit?

    by on September 24, 2014

    Understanding the fiscal condition of your business is important when managing daily duties, planning for the long term, and making decisions about opportunities that arise.  But that means more than simply knowing what’s in your bank account. To determine …

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  • why ask why

    4 Questions to Ask Before Investing More in Your Business

    by on September 23, 2014

    You’ve heard that old cliché “You have to spend money to make money.” While there’s some truth to it, spending money doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money from your investment. But that’s exactly how some fledgling entrepreneurs find themselves in over …

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  • lavish offices

    5 Costly Spending Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    by on September 15, 2014

    Marketing strategies, new equipment, and educational courses seem like practical purchases for a new business. But do you really need them? When you’re on a shoestring budget, extra expenses can drive your startup into the ground. Here are five costly mistak…

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  • cash flow

    10 Tips for Better Managing Cash Flow

    by on September 12, 2014

    Trying to run a business without managing cash flow is like trying to paddle a boat without an oar. Even if you succeed, it will be an upstream exercise guaranteed to wear you out.

    Cash flow is important for all businesses, but it is critical for early star…

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  • business credit cards

    The 5 Best Business Credit Cards Compared

    by on September 10, 2014

    Nobody wants to carry a balance on a credit card unless it’s absolutely necessary.  But paying cash is not always an option in the world of small business, so it only makes sense to augment your company’s wallet with the best small-business credit cards a…

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  • business sale

    Expert Advice on Selling Your Business

    by on August 27, 2014

    One of the best tools you have as a small-business owner is information. In that vein, do you know how to go about initiating the process of selling your business? We asked three experts to weigh in on how to prepare for and execute a sale.

    Tony Calvacca is…

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  • Invoice-large

    How to Create an Invoice

    by on July 15, 2014

    Creating a professional-looking invoice not only helps to legitimize your business or service; it enables you to get paid accurately and efficiently. When creating invoices for your organization or for yourself as an independent contractor, you should be sur…

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