Quick Start Guides

Get started, build momentum, and prosper.

Starting A New Business

The resources in this guide will provide valuable information on market evaluation, product selection, mentorship, and how to scale and be p

Choose Your Business Structure

The business structure you choose will have legal and tax implications. Learn about business structures and find the one best suited for you

Accounting 101 For Small Businesses

Quick guide to accounting 101. Learn how to create and read Profit and Loss and Balance sheet reports by reviewing this comprehensive guide

Managing a Retail Store

A comprehensive guide to setting up and successfully managing a retail store including tips on picking a location, remodeling and maximizing

Managing Employees

When you hire someone to perform work for you, you must adhere to laws and regulations that protect workers’ rights. Be sure that your hir

How To Manage Debt

Follow this guide to to understand the different ways to handle your debt.

Working As A Freelancer

Becoming a successful freelancer is a lifestyle choice with responsibilities.

Leaving Your Business

Are you leaving your business? Maybe you are retiring or handing your business to a relative? Whatever the reason, be smart about how you ma