Death Wish Coffee’s Success Story One Year Later

by Scott Cytron

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Readers of the QuickBooks® Online blog probably remember Death Wish Coffee, the 2016 winner of Intuit’s® Small Business Big Game competition; as the winner, Death Wish received a 30-second commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl.

To find out what kind of impact the commercial had on Death Wish, Ad Age interviewed Founder and CEO Mike Brown, and also featured him in a video. In 2015, Death Wish had revenue of approximately $3 million; after the commercial ran, and in the months following the Super Bowl, the company exceeded its summer 2016 goal of $10 million, generating some $20 million.

Click here for the Ad Age article and video, and here is a new video Death Wish produced on its own. Congrats to Death Wish Coffee!

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