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What’s Up in Apps: TSheets Time Tracking is Inside QBO

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On a momentous day in 1928, H.B. Reese got the crazy idea to inject creamy peanut butter into the center of a Hershey’s chocolate, giving the world the first ever Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

In 2017, on an even more momentous day in history, TSheets Time Tracking was integrated directly inside QuickBooks® Online, giving business owners, accountants and bookkeepers everywhere a faster, easier and more accurate way to track and manage employee time.

After all, accurate time tracking is essential for accurate payroll, billing and invoicing. It only makes sense that the two should work hand-in-hand (much like peanut butter in chocolate).

With TSheets + QuickBooks Online, time tracked in TSheets automatically appears in QuickBooks. No syncing necessary.

Just click on the “Approve Time” tab in QuickBooks to find your TSheets time data (complete with job details, PTO and overtime!).

Easily review, edit and approve employee timesheets inside QBO.

From there, review, manage and approve timesheets – all without leaving your QuickBooks dashboard. Any changes you make will automatically sync with your TSheets account, so that your time data is always accurate.

When you’re done, you can run payroll, or create an invoice, with just one click. Easy!

Awesome! But, how does TSheets work?

Track accurate-to-the-second time. Employees can clock in and out of TSheets, change job codes, or take a break, with just one click. Within seconds, they’re on the clock and ready to work. Track time against multiple job codes or clients, create custom tracking fields for things like mileage and inventory, and leave detailed notes attached to each timesheet.

Track time anywhere, on any device. No matter where or how you work, TSheets has a time tracking solution for you. On the go? Your employees will love the ability to clock in with a single click using the mobile app, and you’ll love that the time tracked is always accurate. On site? TSheets Kiosk is a perfect punch clock alternative for a number of employees who are clocking in and out at the same location. In an office? TSheets is even more powerful on your desktop. Just visit www.tsheets.com and log in!

Easily track time no matter where, or how, your employees work. Track time anywhere, on any device.

Save thousands of dollars in gross payroll costs each year. TSheets eliminates paper time cards and error-prone manual data entry. No more wasted time gathering physical timesheets, deciphering hasty employee handwriting or inputting endless numbers. And, because TSheets is accurate-to-the-second (and backed by GPS location tracking), no more costly time theft.

What else do you get by using TSheets?

Detailed reports. Run accurate real-time reports on everything from an individual employee’s hours on a certain job to which jobs took the longest overall. You might find new trends regarding employee time and tasks, allowing you to make more informed decisions. TSheets’ real-time reporting offers valuable business insight you won’t find anywhere else.

The power of TSheets scheduling. Combine time tracking and scheduling with TSheets to shave hours off your most arduous task: creating the weekly schedule. Quickly and easily create, edit and share the schedule with employees, or assign jobs and shifts on the go. TSheets can even send alerts to the team if the schedule changes, and remind them of upcoming shifts. 

Peace of mind. Keep track of your workforce with the “Who’s Working” window, which displays a list of employees who are currently clocked in. With GPS tracking enabled, see at a glance who’s on the clock, and where on the map they’re located.

Payroll, billing and invoicing ease. With TSheets directly inside QuickBooks Online, a task that once took hours now takes minutes. And, because TSheets is accurate-to-the-second, you can even bill up to 20 percent more!

That’s more free time, more money in your bottom line and more happy employees. What are you waiting for?

Try TSheets inside QuickBooks Online now!

  1. Get started now! Learn More.
  2. Sign in to QuickBooks Online (if prompted).
  3. Start a FREE TSheets trial, or sign in to your TSheets account.
  4. Review, manage and approve time in QuickBooks Online! 

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