Track mileage automatically.


Available in QuickBooks Self-Employed

Automatic GPS tracking

Easier than doing nothing. Just drive, we'll use your phone's location to detect when you're driving.

Organize expenses

Business or personal? The app makes categorizing individual trips easy so you can accurately rack up potential tax deductions.

No drain on battery

Patented technology uses your phone’s GPS only when you’re actually moving. So you get reliable data without draining your battery.

Maximize your deductions.

Drive up potential deductions

Find on average 45% more deductions by logging miles in annually.2

Make every mile count

Every mile is worth about 54 cents in tax deduction or mileage reimbursement to the IRS.3

Automatic means accurate

No more pen and paper. Mileage data is logged accurately and automatically.


How do I add a manual trip? 


Adding a manual trip is easy and you can do it right from your phone. Just open the app and tap the Miles tab. Enter your trip information: date, total mileage, and trip purpose. Tap Save and you're all set. 



Can I export and send it to my accountant? 


Yes, you easily share tax details, like mileage, through the annual tax summary PDF. It lists your self-assigned taxable business profit and total amounts for each Schedule C deduction category.  



Which product includes mileage tracking?


You'll need QuickBooks Self-Employed to access the mileage tracking feature. 



Can I add a trip to an invoice reimbursement? 


Yes. After creating an invoice, you can easily attach the miles and expenses accrued during a job for reimbursement. The descriptions and amounts found in your transactions and mileage will be pre-populated, but are also editable.

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