Free invoice templates

Download free customizable and printable invoice templates from QuickBooks.

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Our professional invoice template lets you create custom invoices online and download them in a variety of printable file formats.

Blank invoice templates for small businesses

Download simple invoice templates in a variety of file formats. Options include Word invoice templates, Excel invoice templates, Google invoice templates, and PDF invoice templates.

Invoice template download - Microsoft Word format

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Invoice template download - PDF format

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More types of business invoice templates

If you need something more than a basic invoice template, check out our industry-specific invoice templates. Find the right invoice template for your business and industry, in your file format of choice.

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Tired of manually creating and sending each invoice?

Save time and use pay-enabled invoices to get paid 4x faster than those who don’t, with online invoicing software in QuickBooks.¹ No more paper checks, transaction fees, or hectic bank runs. Send custom invoices and accept payments online, right through the invoice. Customers can pay with a variety of payment methods online—anywhere, anytime!

Easily send invoices

How to use invoice templates to create professional invoices

  1. Select the downloadable invoice template in the file format and style that suits your business needs. Choose a standard invoice template, or select one specific to your industry and business.
  2. Complete the template by filling out key details and line items: your contact information, the invoice number, the date the invoice is being issued, payment terms and due date, and a description of the goods or services sold.
  3. Calculate the subtotal of your sale and add sales tax to find the total amount to be billed.
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Manual invoices vs. invoice software

QuickBooks Invoice Software

  • Add a button to invoices so your customers can easily pay directly online with a variety of payment methods
  • Track outstanding invoices and get alerts to your mobile device when your invoices are viewed and paid.
  • Send payment reminders to your customers from within QuickBooks
  • Set up recurring automatic invoices on any schedule you choose
  • Customer information is automatically pulled in, making prep simple

Manual Invoices

  • May involve more steps to issue, and for customers to complete payments
  • Require manual entry and calculation of customer and sale information
  • Need to be manually tracked and monitored
  • Require manual follow up for payment reminders and past-due payment notifications
  • Late payments may lead to cash flow problems
Work takes time. Getting paid shouldn’t.

More ways to create an invoice template

Use QuickBooks’ free invoice generator tool

Create and download invoices using our free invoice generator.

Our invoice generator makes it simple to create professional invoices, with the option to add your business logo. Use the tool to fill out your invoice information, then download the completed invoice and send it to your customer.

Invoice template FAQ

What is an invoice template?

An invoice template is a document that makes it simple to create new invoices. An invoice template outlines the necessary fields included on an invoice. Use the fillable invoice template to create an invoice by completing the blank fields in the template with your business, sale, and customer information.

What do you write on an invoice?

Include the following elements on each invoice you create:

  • Your business contact information
  • The invoice number assigned to the invoice you are creating
  • The date the invoice is being issued
  • Your terms of payment
  • Clear descriptions of the goods or services you’re billing against

Beyond these important requirements, you can adjust your invoices to meet the needs of your business.

How do I issue an invoice?

To send an invoice to your customers, first save the completed invoice template. Then you can either print and mail the invoice to your customer’s billing address, or send the invoice to your customer’s email address. Be sure to track your sent invoices, making note of when the invoice was issued and when payment is due.

How can I keep track of sent invoices?

Keep track of your invoices using an invoice tracking system, like a spreadsheet or accounting software that automatically records the status of your invoices. Accurate documentation of the invoices you issue can help you spot outstanding payments as soon as they’re overdue and improve cash flow.

Do invoices need to be numbered?

Numbering your invoices makes it easy to track payments and keep your accounting records straight. Numbered invoices help ensure that your business income is properly documented when it comes time to pay taxes. Assign each invoice you issue with a unique invoice number, and document the invoice number directly on the invoice and in your records.