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Small Business Spotlight: Barred Woods Maple spreads holiday sweetness, from syrup to candy

With its ideal climate and strong heritage of maple syrup farming, Vermont leads the U.S. in maple syrup production. But that was not always the case.

Heralded as the “Green Mountain State” in honor of its thousands of acres of rich forested lands and mountain terrain, Vermont’s terrain has suffered the impact of intensive land practices, unregulated logging, and land clearing – with effects that we can still see today.

But with the help of both government organizations and local communities alike, much of the forested land has been nursed back to health and old farming practices like maple syrup harvesting have come back to life.

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Founded by a partnership among four friends, Barred Woods Maple began in Vermont with a simple calling to nature. After purchasing a small parcel of land to start a maple syrup farm in the Hardwood Forest in northern Vermont, friends Dawn, Barb, Matt, and Charlotte decided to go for a walk in celebration of their investment. As they explored their newly purchased land, they experienced a chance encounter with a Barred Owl who allowed them to get close. In honor of this good omen, the friends decided to name their new maple syrup business Barred Woods after the owl that provided them with good company.

With access to hundreds of sugar maple trees on the property, Barred Woods now harvests 100% pure maple sap for syrup that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. From jars to jugs, Barred Woods now offers this syrup across a variety of sizes and grades, providing people with a sweet taste of nature. As the company grew, the team also began to experiment with new ways of using their maple syrup. Today, their products have expanded beyond syrup to maple sweetened granola, sugar for baking, spices, and candy.

In addition to creating quality maple syrup, Barred Woods was also founded on the importance of maintaining the local environment. Home to a diverse ecosystem of wildlife – from moose and migrating songbirds to bobcats and black bears – the friends decided to conserve the land with a land trust to prevent it from future development. They also work closely with foresters and organizations, such as the Audubon Society, to help protect the local wildlife.

What started as a small parcel of land has now grown to around 1,300-1,400 acres. As Barred Woods lands have grown in scale, so has demand for their products. Now fulfilling and shipping orders across the country, the Barred Woods team has now grown to seven full-time employees, with the addition of several part-timers. To keep up with demand and ensure that the business runs smoothly, QuickBooks® has become an essential element of the company’s day-to-day operations. By managing financial transactions, orders, and cash flow, QuickBooks has helped Barred Woods stay on track, while also providing them with the valuable data to support future growth.

Barred Woods is featured in the QuickBooks small business holiday shopping guide that makes it easier for shoppers to find unique, fun, and delicious gifts for their loved ones, while supporting small businesses at the same time.

Made from 100% pure maple sap from healthy, wild trees, with no added preservatives, Barred Woods’ maple syrup is the perfect, sweet, and healthy treat for the holidays. To shop from Barred Woods, visit the guide here.

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