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Small Business Spotlight: Feed your soul this holiday season with Brew and Feed

Creating delicious flavors from quality, fresh foods has always been a passion for home-chef and backyard farmer, Robert Moreland. While farming could be both tedious and rewarding, it provided Robert with a true understanding that while most foods can be consumed, the quality of ingredients and its careful preparation is what makes a meal truly satisfying. Before he knew it, Robert was soon using the fresh vegetables and plants he grew at home to create unique spice blends and sauces he could cook with.

As his knowledge of cooking and farming grew, Robert’s wife decided to surprise him with a craft beer homebrew kit. This brought on a new wave of inspiration for Robert, who quickly realized there was an opportunity to merge all of his passions – his appreciation of home cooking with his love of beer, spices and sauces – and thus, the concept behind Brew and Feed was born.

The first step: creating the perfect craft beer. To learn the tricks of the brewing trade, Robert joined the Little Mountain Homebrewers club in Mentor, Ohio where he exposed himself to new and advanced brewing concepts that inspired him to experiment with his own brews.. Even after a relocation to Charlotte, North Carolina, Robert became acquainted with many local brewery owners and professionals who shared insight on the business of commercializing and distributing beers, inspiring him to bring his original business concept to life. As a result, Brew and Feed was officially launched in 2018 as a craft food and lifestyle brand dedicated to providing delicious foods and drinks that can truly feed the soul.

But there were several challenges along the way. During the onset of the pandemic, Robert’s business and online sales were growing rapidly, but like many business owners, he faced unexpected situations that caused him to quickly pivot. For example, the food and beverage industry experienced a shortage of traditional round bottles caused by supply chain issues and delays. As a solution, Robert switched to bottling his beers in square bottles to ensure he could continue to meet customer orders.

Today, Robert uses QuickBooks® Online to stay organized so his business can continue to run smoothly. By allowing him to easily track and analyze his business expenses, Robert can spend more time and resources to address critical problems (like finding new bottling solutions) and adopt new innovations to grow his business. In fact, Brew and Feed recently announced an innovative partnership with Popcom to sell products at a robotic storefront in the Concord Mills Mall, giving shoppers the ability to browse the storefront’s on-site inventory and make purchases directly during the holiday season.

Brew and Feed is featured in the QuickBooks small business holiday shopping guide that makes it easier for shoppers to find fun and unique gifts for their loved ones while supporting small business at the same time. Made from homegrown, local ingredients and original recipes, Brew and Feed’s beer, sauces and spices feed the soul, making it the tastiest gift for the holidays. To shop Brew and Feed check out the full guide here.

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