The Future of Small Business: SmartMIrror and Virtual Reality

This week in New York City, Intuit® brought together the innovators, products and technology experiments that are changing the lives of its 42 million customers at its Innovation Gallery Walk. Dubbed “The Intelligent Economy,” the event offered 26 total demos showcasing the power of Intuit’s ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look at two of the technologies poised to help customers prosper!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Can you imagine getting ready in the morning for a busy day and simply using your mirror to get an idea of your financial picture before heading out the door? Intuit is looking to make that notion a reality.

We know that as a small business owner, you are always thinking about your business – it may be the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep and the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning. We also know the challenge business owners have is that they can only get updates on their business by either logging into their account from their computer or mobile device. What if you could interact with your account when you need it?

Thanks to the Internet of Things, devices are more connected than ever. We can now imagine a world where we can meet customers wherever they are. At the Innovation Gallery Walk, this idea was shown applied to a mirror, but this “ambient intelligence” can actually be applied to any type of surface.

This SmartMirror showed how a small business owner could see, hear and easily interact with a mirror to get real-time information on their financials, send invoices and more – all while they are getting ready.

Just think, this technology can apply to more than just a mirror – we could imagine this solution being used in a variety of different settings – anywhere from a car dashboard to a refrigerator and more. The possibilities are endless!

Exploring the Financial Forest

Small business owners are used to a deluge of information regarding their business. They often review dozens of financial reports, Excel spreadsheets and more in order to make informed decisions. Let’s face it, managing the finances of a small business can be complicated, messy and tedious. What if there were a different way of viewing your finances?

Intuit is looking to step outside the confined box of looking at 2D screens on laptops or phones when it comes to looking at meticulous financial data. Virtual Reality (VR) represents an opportunity to give small business owners a three-dimensional look at their financial picture.

At Innovation Gallery Walk, we walked – and we mean walked through a demo that gave us a visceral feel for financial forecasting. Using VR, we explored a forest where trees represented different categories of our business – anything from customers to sales and more. When we zoomed in on the trees, we could see a macro view, providing specific data. Taking a hike through this financial forest gave us a new way of engaging with finances to make better decisions and quite literally gave us a 360-degree view of our business.

More to Come

Stay tuned for more content from Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk. We’re looking forward to sharing with you more examples of how we’re exploring emerging technologies to better serve our customers!

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