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How to integrate DocuSign with QuickBooks Online Advanced

More and more business owners today are choosing to move their companies online or implementing virtual processes into their existing business workflows. This shift includes accepting digital payments, selling more products online, and eliminating traditional paper processes. For many, this means accepting electronic signatures.

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is a legally binding, digital version of a handwritten signature. E-signatures allow signees to quickly receive and sign documents from any computer or mobile device. And a sender can receive signed documents in record time.

Benefits of integrating e-signature software with QuickBooks

Convenience is just one of the many benefits of electronic signatures. Using e-signature software, businesses also benefit from:

  • Increased security: Using digital documents and e-signatures is more secure than pen and paper. Digital documents are more difficult to tamper with or alter, and much harder to lose.
  • Better tracking: When you use e-signature software you can easily track who has opened and signed a document. Automatic reminders and notifications keep your agreements on track.
  • Quick turnaround: e-signature software allows clients to get their hands on and sign important documents faster, in real-time. That means no more delays waiting for time-sensitive agreements to trade hands.
  • More organization: Collect multiple e-signatures without creating duplicate copies of the same document. A paperless workflow process increases automation and keeps you organized.
  • Fast payments: Get from quote-to-cash faster when you use electronic signatures for invoices and payment agreements.

All these benefits add up to saved time and money. You’ll reduce paper and printing costs and save valuable time tracking down signatures and approvals.

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DocuSign launches as the first e-signature app exclusively for QuickBooks Online Advanced

DocuSign eSignature , is a great way to electronically sign documents from almost anywhere, at any time. Today, more than 750,000 customers in more than 180 countries use DocuSign to simplify and accelerate their business processes. Leverage fields to collect the details you need, like a signature or a date, and use it in conjunction with QuickBooks to send signature-required estimates.

Best of all, the DocuSign eSignature Connector for QuickBooks integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online Advanced . Using them together, you can send estimates and collect e-signatures directly from your QuickBooks account. Add a digital payment tag or agreement action to your estimates so you can get paid as soon as you collect a signature.

Find the DocuSign eSignature Connector in the QuickBooks app store.

Connect DocuSign and QuickBooks in four steps

Start using DocuSign eSignature functionality for QuickBooks Online Advanced today and see why it’s the e-signature solution trusted by millions of businesses around the world.

Step 1: Get the DocuSign App

Sign in to QuickBooks Online Advanced as an admin, search for DocuSign in the app store, and select “Get app now.”

Step 2: Create a DocuSign account

If you do not already have a DocuSign account, you will be prompted to create one. Use your DocuSign credentials to sign in to your QuickBooks Online Advanced account through the DocuSign app.

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Step 3: Prepare an estimate

Once your QuickBooks and DocuSign accounts are connected, select “Save and send with DocuSign” on the estimate page.

Step 4: Send an estimate with DocuSign

Specify signers and the signing order as needed to speed up the process. Verify the included fields and note where you need a signature, initials, or date. Select “Send.”

Frequently asked questions

How do I get electronic signatures in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online Advanced customers can get the DocuSign app from the QuickBooks app store. Once your QuickBooks and DocuSign eSignature accounts are connected, collect e-signatures on estimates by selecting “Save and send with DocuSign.”

Do signees need a DocuSign account?

No, recipients of your documents do not need an account to sign with DocuSign. Recipients can review the document, adopt a signature, and complete the signing process without having a DocuSign account.

Can you use DocuSign for free?

DocuSign offers a variety of e-signature plans that include different levels of premium features; such as signature requests, custom branding, signer authentication, and more.

QuickBooks Online Advanced customers can get started with 10 free sends of DocuSign eSignature. Learn more

 What apps integrate with QuickBooks?

Visit the Intuit QuickBooks app store to discover more premium apps and programs that integrate with QuickBooks. Find the right apps for your business.

Integrated e-signatures and accounting

Stop chasing signatures. With DocuSign and QuickBooks Online Advanced you can sign, send, and manage documents from anywhere, at almost any time. Get the integration now.

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