How to stay close to customers & increase sales during the holiday season

It’s not just about making a sale, creating deals, or churning a profit in my journey as an entrepreneur. I want to create a major impact and change by being in divine service to my customers. What motivates them? Why do they choose to start their day with you on Instagram? What do they want more of in your business? If you take the time to listen, the rewards will be exponential.

I’m the founder of Tai Life Media, LLC, and Morning Mindset—an extension of Tai Life Media—and BROWN GIRL jane. When I’m not planning and strategizing for new products, retreats, or events, I’m hosting conversations directly with my consumers and weaving my way in and out of market research surveys to get to know them on an intimate level. The holidays are an important time for me to put that marketing research to good use.

My customers (or tribe, as I like to call them) are still my primary focus. Developing a relationship with your consumer and getting to know them is vital to understanding their needs and spending.

You need to get to know your customers like you know your best friend. One way of getting closer to customers is through engaging in customer feedback. For example, by learning our customer needs and spending, my team and I decided to add a subscription plan. We then saw an incredible return rate for our customers. If you are not engaging with your customers daily, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

As small business owners embark on this holiday season, you must do several things to continue to drive business during your busiest time of year:

  • Double down on your brand mission. Though the goal is to increase sales during this season by taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the key is that customers don’t want to feel sold to. While you may increase discounts, your messaging should continue to reflect your brand ethos and mission. This focus is what sets you apart from others. Your loyal customers continue coming back, and new customers see you as standing out from other brands just wanting a quick sale.
  • Thank your loyal customers by offering them something special. How can you honor loyalists? Sending them special and exclusive offers is likely to increase their spending. Do so in advance of Black Friday, as Black Friday can be a big day bombarding customers with so many deals. Get ahead of it by letting your loyal customers know how much you appreciate them before the holiday shopping season is in full swing.
  • To the point above, Black Friday this year is more like Black Monday. In other words, most brands will begin sales earlier. So if you were planning to offer something special on Friday, consider doing so earlier on Monday or Tuesday. But first, check your higher traffic days and trends to ensure you’re catering your deals and sales to your customer base and when they’re actually shopping.
  • Offer bundle deals! Examples of bundle deals include buy one, get one free and two items for the price of one. These offers allow new customers the opportunity to try multiple items, increase product sales, and ultimately give a steady increase in profits.

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly evolving to grow your business. I’ve gained many new skills, but I’ve realized that my customers are the most important asset to an enduring brand. Get to know your customers. Celebrate them. Anticipate their every need, and you’ll become an agent of change and create a lasting social impact. Your success will be inevitable, especially as we move into the holiday shopping season.

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