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Build highly productive crews with these 10 construction apps for QuickBooks Online Advanced

While shrinking margins and high competition are impacting the construction industry these days, there are opportunities for companies to do things more efficiently, says Christopher Cook, a construction project manager with more than 40 major projects under his belt and author of “The Entrepreneurial Project Manager.” One of the changes companies can make is to take advantage of the available apps that help construction crews become more productive.

QuickBooks® Online Advanced integrates with many top construction industry apps to help your business improve:

  • Financial performance, reporting, and visibility
  • Financial transaction processing
  • Contractor and subcontractor productivity

You can find these apps, as well as many others, at the QuickBooks App Store. The QuickBooks App Store is growing, and includes some of the most useful solutions for winning jobs, supporting job costing, and automating workflows.

Builder Prime helps you win more jobs with accurate bids

Builder Prime is a customer relationship and project management app, designed for contractors to better interact with their customers. Builder Prime also helps crews with scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, and reviewing job details in the office or on the go, using any mobile device.

Builder Prime works with QuickBooks Online Advanced to help you:

  • Make invoicing and payments more straightforward and efficient
  • Easily create customized and professional PDF invoices
  • Track payments and balances
  • Receive online payments from your customers

Key features:

  • Leads and customer relationship management
  • Customer service and conversion tools
  • Decision tools
  • Invoicing and payment

Buildertrend helps crews push past the status quo

Buildertrend helps automate your sales process, hold your crews accountable, and close more deals as an end-to-end construction management app that’s available at the office or from any mobile device.

Combined with Advanced, Buildertrend helps with:

  • Eliminating double entry
  • Connecting change orders to invoices
  • Connecting purchase orders to billing
  • Connecting cost codes to items

Key features:

  • Bid requests, estimates, and proposals
  • Leads and customer relationship management
  • Email marketing
  • Daily logs and task lists

TSheets offers time tracking software that simplifies your business

Owned by QuickBooks, TSheets gives any business time tracking software that makes it easy to track time from anywhere, on any device.

TSheets by QuickBooks allows your company and crews to:

  • Access accurate employee time tracking for precise invoices and painless payroll
  • See where your employees are and what they’re working on, in real-time
  • Clock in quickly and easily, using a smartphone, computer, or time clock kiosk
  • Track time against different job codes to gain valuable business insight with TSheets reports

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Overtime tracking
  • Reporting

ClockShark built to match the way you work

ClockShark’s local construction, field service, and franchise app integrates with Advanced in minutes to help you save time reentering data. ClockShark can easily export timesheets to Advanced for payroll using the export feature, and is accessible from a web browser or any mobile device.

Connecting ClockShark to QuickBooks Online Advanced allows you to:

  • Quickly export timesheets for easy payroll, invoicing, and job costing
  • Import your existing customers, service items, and employees
  • Skip reentering data

Key features:

  • Timesheet tracking
  • View your mobile workforce
  • Profitability and fueling growth
  • Payroll and visibility tools

CoConstruct built for custom home builders and remodelers

CoConstruct is a single-entry estimating system for custom home builders and remodelers that allows each user to enter a piece of information once, and have that data flow directly to and from QuickBooks. No double entry issues. Users can manage their projects from the office, a web browser, or a mobile device.

Combining the power of CoConstruct and QuickBooks Online Advanced means you can:

  • Tie your estimates to your specs, selections, budget, and QuickBooks Online Advanced
  • Create better estimates, faster, by using templates
  • Estimate data flows to the budget, alongside your QuickBooks data and boost profits
  • Use quick editing to make your updates faster with a keyboard-friendly design

Key features:

  • Project coordination helps your teams track work, streamline bidding, and share documents
  • Communication tools make light work of tracking leads, nurturing and sending proposals
  • Financial controls help you budget and forecast jobs and simplify all billing and reporting

ContractorTools takes care of the paperwork so you can focus on work

ContractorTools estimating and invoicing for construction contractors saves time and money by eliminating redundant data entry. Your company can win more jobs by getting professional estimates to your customers faster from your web browser, your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

ContractorTools is synced with QuickBooks Online Advanced, and helps your company to:

  • Create professional estimates on the spot to win more jobs and grow your business
  • Save commonly used costs and job templates to create estimates in minutes
  • Create invoices and receive payments anywhere
  • Set your customers up with online payments to help you get paid faster

Key features:

  • Estimating on-the-go to win more jobs
  • Costing (using the optional Craftsman) module
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Accounting and financial reporting

Corecon helps you save money and simplify workflows

Corecon is a construction software suite that provides complete visibility into every area of your company’s operations. The CoreconLink utility offers direct integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced, eliminating duplicate data entry. The software is accessible via browser or mobile app, allowing immediate access to critical project information without requiring any synchronization. Corecon offers modules for business development, estimating, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, correspondence, document control, quality control, and scheduling.

With Corecon and QuickBooks Online Advanced working together your company can:

  • Reduce the number of tools you need to manage your construction projects
  • Automate estimating, project management, and accounting
  • Spend less time manually managing documents and communication
  • Make quick and informed decisions at the office or on-the-go

Key features:

  • Seven estimating tools
  • Five project management tools
  • Four project financial modules

Daniel Quindemil, CEO of I AM Builders, shares how using Corecon helps improve the acceptance of their billings by providing a schedule of values before starting and setting everything up. He explains, “Now, when we submit our billings, we use the G703 continuation template within the software. It dramatically improves the speed at which we submit our billings and gives us much more accuracy.”

Knowify for contractors plans jobs and itemizes labor and material budgets

Knowify for construction companies means no more double entry of invoices, bills, or payments. Knowify keeps jobs, clients, vendors, and items in sync bi-directionally. It also synchronizes all invoices, time, payments, and expenses for you seamlessly. You can even import all your expenses from QuickBooks Online Advanced for job costing. Knowify keeps the accounting and operational areas of your business in sync and wins more jobs. It’s accessible on the go from your web browser or any mobile device.

Knowify’s powerful tool joins QuickBooks Online Advanced to help:

  • Plan your jobs and itemize your labor and material budgets to create comprehensive cost estimates
  • Track materials, labor, subs, and equipment against budgets
  • Create work orders, punch in time and reimbursements
  • Track how you are performing on each job compared to your budgets and estimated costs
  • Submit expenses, track time, and get job information

Key features:

  • Job costing and estimating
  • Bids, contracts, and service work
  • Time tracking and scheduling

PASKR automates processes and makes job costing more accurate

PASKR is a cloud-based construction management software that offers you accurate job costing and reporting at your fingertips, from your web browser or any mobile device. PASKR standardizes and automates processes so you can focus on growing your construction business. Easily collect and input all the information your crews require during the bid phase, and add these details in subsequent documents, such as contracts.

PASKR and QuickBooks Online Advanced make a perfect pair, ensuring you can:

  • Eliminate over billing
  • Submit expenses from field
  • Access the 70 pre-built reports
  • Auto-sync information with accounting

Key features:

  • Pre-construction planning
  • Project management
  • Field management

Procore streamlines workflows and gets you home on time

Procore manages your projects, resources, and financials from the tendering stage to closeout. Built by the construction industry for the construction industry, your crews can collaborate in real-time, with your web browser or any mobile device in one centralized hub. Your company can connect QuickBooks Online Advanced with your project management within Procore and provide field team access to the financial information.

Procore’s seamless integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced you can:

  • Solve communication issues that arise between accounting and your construction crews
  • Access real-time financial information directly from your accounting system
  • Manage commitments and change orders in Procore
  • Be confident of error-free data and remove double entries

Key features:

  • Project management
  • Quality and safety
  • Building information modeling
  • Project financials

Pick the right apps to make your team more productive

Whether you own or manage a construction-based business, one of these 10 well-built QuickBooks Online Advanced-integrated construction apps is bound to help your crew become more productive. You can find them all in the QuickBooks App Store.

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