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Knowify and Intuit QuickBooks team up to provide combined value for construction industry

Knowify , a provider of modern, web-based tools to help specialty contractors and residential general contractors run their businesses better, recently announced that it has signed a sales and referral agreement with Intuit®. Knowify and Intuit will work together to introduce construction contractors to the powerful pair of Knowify’s SaaS solution to run a construction business and QuickBooks® Online Advanced to manage all aspects of a business’ accounting. Knowify will also work with Intuit to deepen its integration with QuickBooks Online to help ensure a seamless user experience between the two platforms.

“From our earliest days, we built Knowify to work with QuickBooks Online Advanced,” said Marc Visent, chief executive officer of Knowify. “We’re delighted to see those efforts recognized by Intuit, along with all we’ve done to bring modern business software tools to the construction industry. We look forward to working closely with the Intuit team going forward to bring the combined best-in-class solution of Knowify plus QuickBooks Online Advanced to America’s construction contractors.”

“Intuit continues to make investments to evolve our QuickBooks ecosystem and meet the changing needs of growing construction businesses,” said Bobby Morrison, Intuit’s chief sales officer. “By teaming up with companies like Knowify to offer a combined QuickBooks Online + Knowify solution, we are helping to make the experience seamless for our customers and building an ecosystem that scales with growing companies.”

Contractors interested in learning more are encouraged to reach out to Knowify to learn more about the opportunities available to them. A seamless experience requires both QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription, and additional terms and fees for use with Knowify applications.

Founded in 2013, Knowify covers all aspects of administering a contracting business, from contract and change order management to scheduling, time tracking, invoicing, and more. Knowify also features an extensive integration with QuickBooks, and is a top-rated construction solution on Intuit’s Knowify was also featured in this roundup of construction software that integrates with QuickBooks

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