Is Creating and Submitting Your Certified Payroll Reports Time Consuming and Problematic?

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Certified Payroll Reporting by Points North is the solution of choice for any contractor or construction company working with prevailing wages. Our full-service compliance solution stores and manages rates, perform custom calculations, imports hours from timekeeping platforms, outputs data for payroll and accounting systems, automate the production of certified reports, and more.

Thousands of contractors throughout the country rely on Certified Payroll Reporting.


  • A simple, user-friendly interface for simple and stress-free certified reporting
  • Federal, state and municipal reporting
  • Integrated data-transfer from payroll provider
  • Integrated time and job costing transfer from T-Sheets
  • Increased report accuracy
  • Elimination of duplicate or data entry
  • Comprehensive compliance statements, no work reports and fringe benefit reporting
  • A positive impact on their company’s bottom line by saving time and money
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Implementation along with a license fee.

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