MakeShift uses smart features, intuitive design, and a people-first approach to manage and schedule staff.



MakeShift’s online employee scheduling software allows management to simply and effectively build the most optimal schedules that result in fewer unfilled shifts, a better work-life balance, and a healthier bottom line. By using the automated QuickBooks Time integration, managers can build employee schedules in MakeShift that take into account labor budgets, employee availability, and fatigue rules, and this information will be reflected in QuickBooks Time for time tracking and reporting purposes.


  • Configurable budgets, schedule templates, and fatigue rules prevent over-scheduling and ensure optimal and cost-effective schedules.
  • MakeShift allows companies to fill shifts faster with advanced open shift callouts, which notify employees in real time when a shift is available. Administrators can assign shifts to employees based on seniority, who is most qualified, or availability.
  • Employees can use the web or mobile (iOS and Android) app to receive schedules, offer to pick up shifts, request time off, and exchange or drop shifts. Real-time communication is sent through push notifications, ensuring your staff are equipped with all the information they need to do their jobs.
  • With the click of a button, all your employees can be synced from QuickBooks Time into your MakeShift account, eliminating the need for any duplicate entries and administrative work.
  • The automated scheduling integration ensures schedules sync to QuickBooks Time for reporting and time tracking purposes. No more jumping between platforms.


MakeShift is $2.75/user
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We are reducing our overtime costs by more than a shift a week and noticing other cost savings. If we tried to remove MakeShift from the nursing staff, they would likely revolt.
Carol Duncan, Site Manager, Alberta Health Services, Canmore General Hospital
MakeShift is $2.75/user