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Why Maintaining Margins Gets Harder as Your Business Grows

Cash is king for small businesses. Here’s a look at how overhead affects the margins of a growing agency.

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Redefining Entrepreneurship for the 99%

Most small businesses aren’t disrupting the world. And that’s a good thing.

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Why Nearly Every Business Should Start as a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership

Taxes represent a critical business element for the self-employed. From business structure to calculating taxes, here are some key elements

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Financial Management

Free Income Statement (i.e. Profit and Loss Statement) Template, Example and Guide

A profit and loss statement (income statement) recaps a company's income and expenses. Get a free income statemtent template, example, and g

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Small Business Accounting Checklist and Infographic: 21 Things to Do and When to Do Them

See the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting tasks that are important for all small businesses. Also find important tax d

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Case Studies

Smooth Sailing: How a Ship Surveyor Successfully Navigated the World of Entrepreneurship

The leap from employed to self-employed is a milestone. Learn how one entrepreneur successfully made the transition.

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