I am


self made.

a hustler.

my own boss.

an artist.

not a small business.

an on-demand driver.

a solopreneur.

making my own rules.

a realtor.

my own brand.


balancing work and life.

the business.

a designer.


a time juggler.

always thinking ahead.


a tasker.

all in.

doing my own thing.

a freelancer.

Over 50 million workers in the US today are self-employed. That’s over 50 million of us who find ourselves using our own skills, ambition, and persistence to make a living. Some arrived here by passion. Others by necessity. And when we work alone, it’s hard not to feel alone.

But we’re not. Whether it’s photography, real estate, or a thousand other pursuits that make up the American workforce, together we are redefining how working actually works. And QuickBooks Self-Employed gives us the tools we need to connect, organize, and succeed.

Because together, we stand apart. We are The Self-Employed, and our future is self-made.

Meet some of the Self-Employed.

Oscar, Handyman and Tasker for TaskRabbit

“I knew, if I just kept hustling, maybe I could be more efficient with my time or do my jobs faster and then I’d be able to take on more clients.”


Once an engineer in Montana, Oscar unexpectedly found himself laid off and struggling to find full-time work. Oscar became a tasker and found himself putting in 12-hour days, seven days a week and proudly taking on new clients at every turn.

Maria, Freelance Filmmaker and Writer

“Creativity, money, and time are important. If I can incorporate all those things that would be growth. There’s something very freeing about that for me.”


Nothing could stop Maria from following her passion to make films. For the past eight years, she’s been doing just that. The excitement that comes from wrapping a project is followed up by her fears about when she’ll start her next gig.

Robin, Real Estate Agent

“Financial success is uncomfortable. How much is enough? Enough is when I open up the tuition for my kids and say yeah I can pay that.”


Robin can’t imagine doing anything other than real estate. She’s been living and breathing the hunt of the house for 13 years in San Francisco. While her job offers flexibility, it comes with the daily task of making sure she’s earning enough to pay the bills.

Bryan, On-demand Driver for Uber

“I find work where I can. I try to make sure I find all my tax deductions so I keep more of the money I earn.”


Bryan is new to on-demand driving. The flexibility and control are what drew him to start working for himself as a driver. He can decide moment to moment how he wants to plan his day – whether to drive or not.

You are changing the future of what it means to be employed.

You’re not a small business, we get it.
And we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an on-demand driver, we created QuickBooks Self-Employed to help you manage your income and taxes.

“Simplicity. It takes the headache out of separating everything.”
-Ian Clark