Keep your nonprofit on track with Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced helps you keep tabs on your cash flow so you always know where you stand.

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Track cash flow and improve decision making

Work towards what matters with clear financial insights

From funding specific projects to just keeping the lights on, Advanced helps you see where your donations are allocated.

  • Easily see money coming in and going out with the Cash Flow Dashboard.
  • Save time by having one central place to check on your funding.
  • Compare your cash flow from different time periods.

Put the right info in the right hands

Configure custom user roles to manage access to your nonprofit’s sensitive data.

  • Delegate work and give select individuals access to finances or sensitive data.
  • Ensure volunteers don’t have the same level of QuickBooks access as you do.
  • Get the most flexible permissions of any QuickBooks Online product.

Clear financial insights enable your organization to do the work that matters most

  • Monitor business performance with straightforward reporting tools.
  • Get real-time insights with financial statements—like income statements and balance sheets
  • Create a spending roadmap to ensure you reach your business goals
  • Tailor your reports to the info that matters and keep your accountant in the loop with email updates

Nurture relationships to maximize impact

Focus on what matters most with customer-relation management (CRM).

  • Customize Advanced with apps like Salesforce and HubSpot to stay connected with donors year-round campaigns and events
  • Create and automate acquisition and retention strategies with data-driven donor personas
  • Boost efficiency with high-quality data from pre-set criteria to ensure accurate segmentation and targeted audience

Maintaining a healthy nonprofit with Advanced

One way Advanced helps nonprofits stay on track

With Advanced, South Fellowship Church in Denver has the tools to monitor their cash flow and stay on track. They can see where the money is going every month as well as monitor trends so they can make decisions for the future. They can compare seasonal giving for special projects against their general fund. And they get easy-to-read, visual reports to keep track of not only financials but people serving the community, attendance levels, and new donors as well.

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Most customers say it is easy to get up and running2

I would say that the Cash Flow Dashboard is extremely valuable because the Cash Flow is the hardest report to pull as an accountant because it spans multiple reports. This is what non-profits want to see and now we’re able to show it to them.
Adrienne Weir, Xcelerate Business Solutions
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Custom roles offers several different roles that you’re able to give to those that work at the non-profit or church. you are able to give the right person the right reporting at the right time.
Jessica Daley, Xcelerate Business Solutions
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One of the things I love about QuickBooks Online Advanced is the fact that it’s intuitive, it looks good, it’s easy to use, and is really quick to teach someone. That makes it a lot easier for us.
Larry Boatright, South Fellowship Church

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Keep track of your nonprofit’s cashflow with Advanced