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Using QuickBooks to Enhance Business Processes

Oh, the irony. A business process management company using business process management themselves? It’s true and a story worth sharing – partially because I worked with the CEO, Kevin Neal, at a previous company, and partially to show that the strongest endorsement a company can give to a product is by using itself. This is one of those stories. Neal’s company, P3iD Cloud, combines entrepreneurial spirit and strategic planning, and the robust features of QuickBooks® Online, to improve tactical execution for itself and its clients.

As part of the overall P3iD Companies portfolio, P3iD Cloud is a business unit focused on offering cloud-based workflow efficiency solutions. The other closely related business units of website design and professional business consulting for the P3iD Companies portfolio all required individual accounting separation.

P3iD Cloud has enthusiastically embraced QuickBooks for its internal usage and now as an instrumental foundation in their solutions portfolio.

A Complete Solutions Portfolio in Harmony With QuickBooks

“P3iD Cloud is passionate about helping our clients reduce operational costs, improve customer experiences and create a competitive business advantage,” said Neal. “We want to spend a vast majority of our time working with our clients, not dealing with back-end process, and QuickBooks is truly an invaluable tool for us to realize this objective.”

For example, Brandee Neal, VP of Operations at P3iD Cloud, recognized the pain felt by administrative assistants and accounting, when employees would return from trade shows and out of state customer visits. The stacks of receipts that must be input manually for each employee can be overwhelming. This takes time, organization and pinpoint accuracy. The receipts had to be checked and rechecked for accuracy before the employee could be reimbursed. This was all before the expense report even made it to accounting, where the input data was again, checked against the physical receipts.

Once P3iD Cloud introduced their QuickBooks and scanning solution, the headache was erased by introducing a solution to automate the process. The time it now takes for those using the solution is a mere fraction of what it once was, and the accuracy is top notch.

P3iD Cloud also appreciates QuickBooks’ simple user interface and experience. The logical organization eliminates the need for technical knowledge, making it easy for those inexperienced to learn and navigate the program quickly.

“We started with a trial version of QuickBooks Online,” said Neal. “We usually let trial versions expire, but with QuickBooks Online, we purchased a license within a few minutes because we immediately saw the value to our business.”

As P3iD Cloud grew familiar with QuickBooks Online for its own use, one of their business consulting clients was looking for a system to organize their manufacturing business.

QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale was our recommendation immediately,” said Neal. “We had tremendous confidence in the software, and it far exceeded our clients’ expectations.”

The client utilized QuickBooks Manufacturing for several tasks, including barcode Inventory control, service contract renewal automation and pricing quotations, among several other business critical functions. In addition, QuickBooks data import tools made it easy to import legacy data from their previous disjointed systems.

Today, P3iD Cloud offers QuickBooks as an innovative receipt automation process with their P3iD Cloud QuickBooks Receipt solution. This unique solution includes a document scanner that scans a receipt, then automatically extracts the key fields and puts this data directly into QuickBooks. This simple, affordable solution allows organizations to save money on expense management and human labor time associated with manual data entry.

Infinite Possibilities With QuickBooks for P3iD Cloud

The experience of using various QuickBooks versions, both for their own operations and for clients, puts P3iD Cloud in a unique position to grow their business. The wide range of QuickBooks products allows P3iD Cloud to engage organizations of any size with the right type of solution for their specific needs.

For clients with minimal needs, or on a limited budget, P3iD Cloud will offer QuickBooks Online, whose features meet 90 percent of small business needs. For clients with more extensive needs, such as additional users, third-party application integration or payroll, P3iD Cloud offers QuickBooks Enterprise. This provides high client satisfaction by taking a fraction of the time required by other methods.

Neal appreciates QuickBooks for more than the product itself.

“The intangible factor of fantastic support from the QuickBooks employees is something we value greatly in a technology partner. The QuickBooks team is always available and responsive. They have provided terrific support to answer questions, provide trial software and offer solid advice,” he said.

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