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Lead generation for eCommerce stores

In line with our commitment to help our customers grow and scale their eCommerce businesses, we are delighted to share with you the latest in our ‘Mastering eCommerce’ series. Here we look at an often overlooked strategy for eCommerce stores, lead generation, which when used correctly can be a viable source of growth for your eCommerce Store.

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Throughout the ‘Mastering eCommerce’ series, we will be focusing on advanced strategies and tips to improve your customer experience, generate more ROI, and to scale your eCommerce store to new heights. In today’s edition, we are pleased to introduceMia Rossman, from OxyLeads, a lead generation tool that can be used for sales, marketing and recruitment to generate high-quality leads and help you reach your target audience faster.

Today, Mia will take you through what lead generation is and how you can use it to drive more potential leads to your eCommerce store. 

Reach your target audience faster 

With a lead generation tool, you can grow your eCommerce business much quicker (especially if you are working in the B2B field) because lead generation platforms save a lot of time that your sales team spends trying to identify the most valuable prospects and find their contact information. With automated lead generation, you can skip the step of finding leads and focus on building the relationships with the potential customers and closing deals.

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How to use the OxyLeads lead generation tool

  • Choose what are you looking for: profiles, organizations or websites.
  • Narrow down your search by selecting relevant data points (industry, market category, location, revenue, person’s position title, skill, etc.) or by using your keywords.
  • Find out the number of the leads and start building lists.
  • Get their email addresses and phone numbers, and import them into your CRM.

Lead generation tools save time

  • Lead generation is a way of getting your potential customers on the path to ultimately buying your product or service.
  • Automated lead generation makes it possible to get lead lists in minutes. It saves time and helps you discover new business opportunities.
  • Using a lead generation solution, like Oxyleads, sales reps can concentrate on building the relationships with the potential customers and closing deals, rather than spending hours trying to identify the most valuable prospects or finding their contact information.
  • The main benefit of manual lead generation is that sometimes collecting data manually can help sales reps be more flexible and creative.

Data sources

Lead generation tools search publicly available data from various sources such as business information platforms, websites for web traffic data and analytics, jobs and recruiting sites, social networks, and more. Using AI and machine learning OxyLeads extract contact and company information that is regularly validated and updated.

Lead generation - not only for sales

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By using a lead generation tool, you can find not only the right sales lead but also data about your competitors. Or avoid the time-consuming part of hiring by identifying the most skilled and talented professionals.

How to determine the quality of leads

  • High-quality leads are targeted, accurate, include a lot of data and convert easily.
  • A good lead provides a lot of relevant information that helps build a relationship and move a potential customer closer to purchase.
  • If a lead is good, it will convert easily because you’ll be able to target only those companies and people who have challenges that your product or service can solve.
  • Every lead generation tool offers certain search categories but, in general, the machine learning behind most lead generation solutions uses publicly available data about companies and people.
  • By setting correct filters and by choosing the right criteria in a lead generation tool, you can increase the quality of the leads and get a more targeted lead list.

We hope you have found the latest in our ‘Mastering eCommerce’ series useful and interesting. By now you should know more clearly how Lead Generation can play an active role in growing your eCommerce store.

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