Tipalti builds seamless global payments dashboard for Thematic
Growing a business

Tipalti builds seamless global payments dashboard for Thematic

A QuickBooks Solution Provider Success Story

Tipalti is a fully integrated, cloud-based, global solution for invoice processing, vendor financing, and accounting management that can handle the complexity of global supply chains and rapidly changing business requirements. Learn how when Tipalti and QuickBooks Online integrated for our customer Thematic—an influencer marketing platform where creators can license music from artists—we streamlined their finance operations and achieved sustainable growth.

A fair exchange—made easy 

Thematic uses a proprietary algorithm to curate music for content creators, simultaneously pairing artists with the most suitable audiences. As the platform grew to include more artists and a larger catalog of options, manually processing royalties and licensing payments became an unmanageable task. 

Thematic co-founder and COO, Audrey Marshall, went in search of an automated solution to simplify financial operations. QuickBooks Solution Provider Tipalti offered an appealing answer: streamlined financial processing in one, seamless global dashboard—plus built-in integration with QuickBooks Online.    

Technology for scale

Thematic needed: 

  • Growth capabilities 
  • Global payments 
  • Supplier onboarding 
  • Transaction transparency 
  • Easy repetitive payments to music artists 
  • Time-saving process automations 

Tipalti specializes in automating repetitive payables processes, resulting in modernized, centralized, and consolidated manual work. With their expertise and Global Payments API, Tipalti checked all the boxes for Thematic and more.

“When our company first started, the process was very manual. We implemented QuickBooks for record keeping, which was the first tech stack investment that we made. We thought that we might be too small for Tipalti initially, but we shared our growth plans with them, and they were able to set us up for scale by seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks Online to handle payments to our artists around the world. Thematic’s business has been able to expand exponentially since we integrated Tipalti with QuickBooks Online.” 

-Stephanie Levya, Thematic

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Everything is just integrated so well between Tipalti and QuickBooks that we wouldn't want to even disrupt the flow by migrating to another solution. We are set up to scale.
Stephanie Levya, Thematic

Better processes, more time

When Thematic started using QuickBooks, they were a small company working with a few hundred music artists and creators. Manual processes kept the team busy—paying artists individually on a monthly basis, chasing down tax forms, and communicating in different channels. QuickBooks Online alleviated some of this burden, paving the way for a custom, integrated solution with Tipalti.

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The integration was quick and seamless to set-up. Bills and payments are processed in Tipalti, and details are synced to QuickBooks Online automatically. Tipalti Support is very helpful when questions arise.
Audrey Marshall, COO, Thematic

Tipalti provided:

  • Fast and reliable global payments 
  • Automated artist communications 
  • Streamlined tax, banking data collection during onboarding 
  • Local, preferred payment methods and limited fees 
  • Time-saving automations 

Thematic’s Rights Management team used to spend three days a week working to manage the flow of artists into the company and handle growing pains. With Tipalti and QuickBooks Online, this same process requires only a few hours of attention one day a week.  

Thematic now works with thousands of artists and creators and can continue to grow without worry. With the Tipalti solution’s scalability, and the partnership and support of the Tipalti team, they know they’re prepared for what their business looks like now—and into the future.    


“I’m using both Tipalti and QuickBooks together to pay our artists. Tipalti for payments and QuickBooks for cash flow visibility. When we integrated Tipalti and QuickBooks, we were able to make it all work seamlessly so that I can look at an artist’s account in QuickBooks and see that this is all working to make sure that our own personal artists on the partnership side are getting paid.”  

-Stephanie Levya, Thematic  


Learn more about the Tipalti and QuickBooks integration and connect with a Tipalti expert here.

About the QuickBooks Solution Provider

Tipalti delivers smart payables that elevate modern business by automating repetitive processes. It’s the preferred solution for 3000+ of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

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