Small business payments and cash flow in 2021: How to manage money in the post-pandemic economy


Money is the lifeblood of small business, but managing cash flow is increasingly among the most critical of many challenges facing small business owners.

Sixty percent of small business owners say that cash flow has been a problem at their business, and the problem has increased as these business owners navigate the post-pandemic economy.

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Small business owners don’t have to face the challenges alone. QuickBooks surveyed 3,500 small business owners across six countries around the world to understand the causes of cash flow issues and how to support small businesses experiencing them. We also reviewed trends in the tools and methods small business owners utilize to better manage the money coming in and out of their businesses.

Businesses are adapting to new ways of working with their customers in our post-pandemic world. While many small businesses struggled with cash flow problems in the last year, data collected by QuickBooks show that more small businesses have found opportunities to recover in the first months of 2021. Our research shows small business owners are largely optimistic that their business will rebound and expect more revenue in the next 12 months

Use the chapters on the left to learn more about the common payments and cash flow challenges facing small businesses and the skills and tools small business owners say are helping them manage money coming in and out of their business as the economy begins to show signs of recovery.

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