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How to Accept Invoice Overpayments

If you already use QuickBooks Payments, you can now accept overpayments on invoices that you send to your customers.

This lets your customers pay an extra amount above an invoice total — an easy and quick way for them to make payments on outstanding balances or give you a tip!

How a customer makes an invoice overpayment

Invoicing your customer and getting paid is fast and easy with QuickBooks, especially when you use QuickBooks Payments and set up online invoices1.

Once you’re set up, here’s how invoice overpayments work:

  1. Send an invoice to your customer. Create (+) > Invoice > Save and send > Send and close.
  2. Your customer receives the invoice email and click the View invoice button.
  3. Your customer clicks Pay now.
  4. Your customer edits the payment and clicks Next.
  5. Your customer reviews the payment and clicks Send payment.
  6. QuickBooks alerts you on the home page. Click Payment to process the overpayment.

See the next section for how to process the overpayment.

How to apply an invoice overpayment in QuickBooks

You can apply an overpayment credit in a number of ways:

  • Apply the credit to an existing invoice for your customer.
  • Apply the credit to a new invoice you want to send to your customer.
  • Apply the credit as a tip.

For more info, see our support article How to apply a credit from an overpayment.


  1. To set up online invoices, click Gear > Account and Settings > Sales > Online delivery > Email options for invoices > Online invoice.

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