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Online Invoice Payments – Stripe, PayPal + More: Use Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, WorldPay, SagePay, USAePay

We’ve been in the payments business since 2014. I was actually a customer and thought that Online Invoice Payments was great and the people were even better, so I joined the team.

Functionality and Main Features

Our app enables online payments for QuickBooks® invoices by connecting QuickBooks to some of the major payment gateways around the world. Obviously, online payment is becoming increasingly important for settling invoices. We record payments back into QuickBooks for easy reconciliation, allow partial payments and the ability to save cards for quicker processing in future. Our app enables users to insert a payment link in their invoices or emails so there’s no need for another system. There are obvious benefits for improving cash flow and bookkeeping efficiencies.

What Sets Us Apart

No other app allows you to get your invoice paid from QuickBooks using your preferred payments processor.

Customer Feedback

Recently, a client told us that one of our fields on our payment forms was confusing his customers, so we changed it, overnight. Customer feedback is very important to us, so when there has been a certain level of demand for a feature, we add it to the roadmap, and fix and smart recommendations immediately.

Working With QuickBooks

Intuit® has been so warm in welcoming us into the ecosystem, supportive in getting our app deployed and out there. The team is so personal and brilliant, especially since being part of the App Showdown. Intuit knows what they do best and they are brave enough to keep improving it with the latest, relevant technologies.

Who We Cater To

The user we are most relevant to is someone who sends a higher volume of invoices per week and wants to get paid quickly online in a modern way.

Way Forward

Businesses and consumers expect great user experiences at their convenience; as technology providers, we need understand this and delight our customers through product and service experiences. Getting paid online may cost you a small amount in fees, but the impact of having your cashflow dramatically improved is worth it.

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