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QuickBooks Online Advanced: Growing With – and for – Our Customers

Our driving passion is for you to feel confident in choosing to run your business with QuickBooks® at any stage in the life and growth of your company. Everything we have developed within QuickBooks derives from listening to you. It’s built for you, by you – and we want it to grow with you.

Along the way, as we’ve built QuickBooks, your must-haves included automatic integration, more productivity and deeper insights as your business grows. Finally, everything needs to be drop-dead simple to set up and use for anyone in your organization.

Based on your feedback and input, the new QuickBooks Online Advanced is painstakingly designed for fast-growing businesses that need more functionality as they expand in revenue or complexity.

With the development of QuickBooks Online Advanced, rather than upgrading to costlier mid-market tools, we can meet your needs – providing you holistic business management tools that help you get deeper insights, save more time and customize usage as you quickly grow your business.

You are a QuickBooks Advanced business if you are:

  • Scaling your company and finding more people need access to your books, with varying levels of access.
  • Experiencing an uptick in transactions and now need to process hundreds or even potentially thousands of invoices.
  • Finding you have unique requirements, reporting complexity or bill-pay needs that exceed your current technology.

QuickBooks Online traditionally wasn’t built to solve for these levels of need, which translated into a scenario where you might have had to look for something else. We firmly believed we could create a solution for you that meets your growing needs at a significant cost benefit to you compared with other offerings you might find in the market. QuickBooks Online Advanced is that solution.

Since launching in October 2018, we’ve already added new functionality to QuickBooks Online Advanced based on your feedback. Key features include the following:

  • Custom user permissions: Manage data access and delegate use of product features for optimized productivity.
  • Batch invoicing: Batch hundreds of invoice transactions at a time by importing a .CSV file.
  • Smart Reporting powered by Fathom: Transform your data into dynamic reports, advanced analytics, and deeper insights (a value worth $39/month).
  • Priority Circle: Membership into a program only for QuickBooks Online Advanced customers that provides dedicated account support when you need it.

New features that will begin rolling out in QuickBooks Online Advanced in March 2019 include:

  • Enhanced Custom Fields: You can use multiple field types, which are translated to reporting throughout the books.
  • Third Accountant User: You will soon be able to add up to three accountant users (other versions of QuickBooks Online enable only up to two). This exciting new benefit will help your accounting team be better positioned to meet your specific needs.
  • Additional Custom User Permissions: Custom user permissions give you selective access to work in one or more areas, such as sales transactions, expense transactions, sales reports, expense reports and bank deposits. It also allows you to configure permissions dozens of different ways to manage access to sensitive data. Selected access for sales transactions such as invoices or estimates will also be introduced.

As part of this addition to our product portfolio, on April 10, we will begin implementing a change to QuickBooks Online subscriptions with new usage limits for all QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced customers that better match the capabilities of our products. These tiers reflect our desire to make sure you’re working with the plan that’s the best fit for you, yet we understand that change is hard. Rest assured the usage thresholds reflect the very best value you’ll find in the marketplace. You can learn more about the new structure and how it impacts your business here. We think you’ll find the new levels align with the life and growth stage of your company.

QuickBooks Online was first introduced in 2001. What’s developed since its inception – thanks to your dedication, community engagement and feedback – goes beyond any accounting software program. It’s become your business hub. And now for our Advanced users, it is a business management platform to help operate and grow your business – a smarter tool for those of you who need more and want more.

We’ve created a test drive account so you can experience some of the features and functionality in QuickBooks Online Advanced. Take the drive today!

We’ve also created a video that shows you how Advanced can work for your business:

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