Do more with Lightspeed,

Planday, and QuickBooks

Easily manage your entire retail store

Accurately track stock and inventory from your POS system, right from your laptop or tablet, so you can make better business decisions.

Manage your staff with ease

Quickly build your employee schedules and take into account staff availability, scheduled vacations, payroll costs and more.  

Better decisions with QuickBooks Online

Get valuable insights when you run and export reports including expenses, balance sheets, and profit and loss. QuickBooks also allows you to create customer reports to get specific details about your store.  

Connected apps that save time

Reduce manual data entry and ensure accuracy with apps that talk to each other. Inventory, employee costs, and sales and expense data let you see everything in one place so you know exactly how your store is doing.  

Communicate with your team

Make sure everyone is on the same page by managing all individual and group communication in one place via the Planday app.

Sell everywhere your customers are

Mobile POS gives you the flexibility to take your business to your customers —online, farmers markets, events. And you can check inventory from your mobile device.  

The complete POS for today’s independent retailer

Gives customers the items they want in seconds with a complete inventory management system offering tags, categories, and integrated purchasing.


Sell online and in-store from a single omnichannel system to reach customers where they want to shop.


Lightspeed gives you detailed reports about your sales, expenses, and profits, and provides powerful analytics tools to help you grow  

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Simplify scheduling and make your shop run smoother

Easily build a work schedule in minutes using Planday templates and sales data from Lightspeed to ensure staffing levels map to demand.


Keep employees connected and engaged via schedule communications, attendance tracking and real-time messages.


Run payroll quickly and accurately when you share Planday time and attendance data with QuickBooks Online.

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QuickBooks gives you valuable insights for better business decisions.

Quickly run and export reports, including, profit and loss, expenses, and balance sheets. Customized reports let you see strengths in your store.


Record your daily sales to keep on top of inventory so you know what you have on hand and what you have on order.


Be ready for tax time by automatically downloading your banking transactions and organizing your receipts to maximize tax deductions

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