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What’s new in QuickBooks Online: September 2022

Ready or not, pumpkin-spice-everything season is upon us! So before you fall into familiar routines, check out our updates including a new migration tool (that’s not just a bird thing).

QuickBooks® Desktop Online migration tool

In a nutshell: Migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is easier than ever with the new online data migration tool.

Now, your accountant doesn't even need to have access to QuickBooks Desktop in order to help move you to QuickBooks Online. They will just need to launch the online tool, and it will securely move data from QuickBooks company files (.QBW), portable files (.QBM), backup files (.QBB), and QuickBooks for Mac files if you save a backup for Windows (.qbb) to QuickBooks Online.

Start here for Desktop Pro/Premier accounts, and if you have an Enterprise account, you can start here.

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Purchase Order approval workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: Within QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can now automate the purchase order (PO) approval process for a specific set of vendors or above a specific amount, and send real-time notifications to other stakeholders via email.

PO approval workflows allow you to create a task and send automated notifications via email to approve POs, based on custom, user-defined criteria.

●     Admins can create PO approval flows based on amount, vendor, payment status, location, or term.

●     PO approvals can be assigned as a task or sent as an email to a designated Admin user based on the conditions created.

●     POs that don’t require approval based on established criteria are automatically approved.

●     Approvers receive the notification and can approve or deny the PO in Task Manager or directly on the bill entry.


●     Reduce manual work. Users set up PO approval Conditions and Actions once, with no follow-up action required once POs are received.

●     Minimize risk for errors. Side-step human error by reducing reliance on manually entering details each time a PO goes through the approval process.

●     Get paid faster. Approvals don’t need to stay pending while team members share and review. POs preset to conditions can instantly be auto-approved as they come in, while notifying stakeholders without any manual effort.

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New hire reporting/filing for Auto Tax Off in QuickBooks Online Payroll

In a nutshell: Currently, Auto Tax Off customers have to manually print and mail in their new hire reporting. Depending on your payroll plan, we may file the necessary new hire form for you, or you can get the form in your product to file with the state. By the end of September, this process will be fully automated. Forms will be electronically filed with state agencies as it currently does for Auto Tax On customers. Also, this automated reporting option remains even when users choose to manage their tax payments and filings, because QuickBooks Payroll now manages all new hire reporting for clients.

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