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Lower costs and increase revenue using the gross profit formula

Learn about the gross profit, and the components of the formula. Read about strategies to lower costs and increase revenue using the gross profit formula.

Make smarter business decisions with pro forma financial statements

What are pro forma financial statements? Discover how pro forma financial statements help you analyse financial decisions made for your business.

What is accounts payable?

Learn what the accounts payable balance is, and how to create a system to manage accounts payable. Use accounts payable ratios to improve cash management.

Can I hire a bookkeeper instead of an accountant?

Learn why small business owners hire bookkeepers and accountants. Read about what bookkeepers and accountants do, and how they can help you grow your business.

Business accounting: 21 steps to tackling this like a boss

Accounting for your small business involves a lot of different tasks. Our accounting task checklist makes it easy to understand when to do each one.

How accounting software doubles your business efforts

Accounting software is a business necessity that performs multiple functions for your small business. Here's what to look for and how to switch over.

The definition of accounting and how to master the basics

Learn about the accounting cycle, and how accountants record transactions using source documents. Use a trial balance to produce financial statements.

A small business guide to income statements

To use your income statement effectively, you have to know what it is and how different statements interpret your business performance.

How to use Excel for accounting and bookkeeping

When you start your business, time and money may be in short supply. Your top priorities may be to find customers and deliver a great product or servi...

Defining and implementing the accounting cycle for your business

The accounting cycle consists of several steps that are required to produce accurate accounting data that is then used to create financial statements.

What are accounts receivable?

Learn the definition of accounts receivable, and the balance sheet categories. Read about accounts receivable turnover, and how to increase cash flow.

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