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11 accountants share their favorite small business finds

Nobody knows a small business the way their accountant knows them. From tax season help to day-to-day bookkeeping, accountants know their clients inside and out, so if you’re looking for a gift—be it a birthday or just a little something special for yourself—accountants know where to go. 

In honor of Small Business Success Month, we asked 11 QuickBooks accountants for the small businesses they choose for their own gift giving, and the products they swear by.

Al-Nesha Jones, ASE Group

Hot sauce trinity

Hot Sauce Trinity, $17, Queen Majesty

"I first learned about Queen Majesty as part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. I had the pleasure of being in the same ‘growth group’ as the founder, Erica Diehl, and we even served as her accounting team for some time. 

I recommend all of her hot sauces, but my favorite is the Hot Sauce Trinity, specifically the Jalapeno Tequila and Lime Hot Sauce. I also love the Limited Edition Manzano Serrano Hot Sauce. We even gifted it to our clients as part of our holiday gifts in 2022. I sampled it initially to support her, and immediately thought “I hope this isn't what I've been missing out on for all these years I've avoided hot sauce!” It is legitimately the best tasting sauce I've ever had! The flavors are so unique, and it's sugar and preservative-free. It makes everything taste better, and she has a flavor and heat level for everyone."

Learn more about Al-Nesha and ASE Group here

Josh Standley, DKK Accounting

A large white and blue striped tie hanging on a wall.
Throw blanket

Signature Solid Throw Blanket, $128, Olive & Loom 

Sicily Turkish Beach Towel, $58, Olive & Loom 

"I discovered Olive & Loom while visiting my brother-in-law. It’s a small woman owned business who brings textures, colors, scents of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle to the US. My wife and I love their throw blankets. They make a great addition to our couch when we want a little warmth or are able to take a nap. We also enjoy their towels which are great when you visit the beach. We also enjoy their towels which are great when you visit the beach."

Learn more about Josh and DKK Accounting here

Susan Pruskin, Brilliant Numbers

A wool bag with a piece of cloth on top of it.

Juniper Moon Saxony Yarn, $35, Bella Filati Luxury Yarns

"Bella Filati is a beautiful little yarn shop in downtown Southern Pines, NC. The owner's name is Holly Floyd. During the beginning of the pandemic when people could not come into the shop, she started doing daily videos, which she still does to this day. She talks about new yarn, great patterns, fun notions, and anything else related to knitting and crocheting.

Even though this shop is about an hour away from me, it's my favorite. I discovered it when I was cruising around during a Yarn Crawl several years ago. They have absolutely gorgeous yarn and they are friendly and helpful. But my favorite thing — about twice a year they have an all day "Yarn Spa." A maximum of twelve people come to the shop on a Sunday, when it is typically closed, to have very specific lessons, good lunch, meditation and yoga, a massage, and mimosas. It's a wonderful day and extremely relaxing as well as great fun!"

Learn more about Susan and Brilliant Numbers here

Jonathan Bello, One 8 Solutions

A bottle of wine and a bottle of wine.

2 Bottle Wine Subscription, $50 per month, Urban Grape

"With only 1% of U.S. wine businesses Black-owned, The Urban Grape stands out. It’s owned by husband-and-wife team TJ and Hadley Douglas. They're redefining excellence. The Drink Progressively Group’s approach is reshaping the wine scene. With a commitment to diversity and community, The Urban Grapes' mission is to become the largest Black-owned wine retailer in the United States!"

Learn more about Jonathan and One 8 Solutions here

Amy Varnado, Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP

A picture of a box of apples and other fruits.

Cajun Gift Box, $14, Tony’s Seafood

"I’ve been working with the owners of Tony’s Seafood since 1990. I have watched their drastic growth over the last 24 years and it’s been amazing. They have so many authentic Louisiana gift ideas, but the Cajun Gift Box is my favorite."

Learn more about Amy and Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP here

Kelly Gonsalves, Totally Booked

A box of colorful kites sitting on top of a table.

Valtech Magna Tiles Clear Colors 32pc Set, $50, Kidding Around

"Kidding Around is one of the last standing family-owned and operated toy stores in NYC. I was referred to them by a colleague because they wanted to move to QuickBooks Online from Desktop and their admin was not comfortable making the switch. They're the only client that I come on-site for consistently because their store is just so fun to visit. I have personally purchased gifts for my niece's birthday, baby showers, and Christmas from them. Depending on the age I recommend the Magna Tiles or the Play & Learn Action Racer!'

Serenity candle

1099 Drama Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle, $21, Leading Lady Machine Works

"I also have a small business that I co-own with another accountant called Leading Lady Machine Works. We sell accountant and work-from-home-themed items. We started the business as a creative outlet for each of us since our accounting roles don't always allow us to be more fun and silly. In addition to some of the fun stuff we came up with, we created items that our colleagues were asking for on social media."

Learn more about Kelly and Totally Booked here

Roman Villard, Full Send Finance

A purse with a brown purse handle.

Merkato Small Zip Tote, $149, Parker Clay

"Parker Clay is a mission-centric business that empowers at-risk women in Ethiopia by providing living wages, benefits, training, and career and life advancement through their business and local partners. Parker Clay manufactures and sells high-quality handcrafted leather goods. 

The Merkato Small Zip Tote is a well-crafted and good-looking handbag that will last for many, many years. By purchasing from Parker Clay, you're also supporting a thriving ecosystem of generational change and prosperity for many women in Ethiopia."

Heirloom tomato soup

Variety Pack Heirloom Tomato Soup, $36, Tomato Bliss

"Tomato Bliss is a client that makes award-winning heirloom tomato soup utilizing regenerative and biodiverse farming techniques to create a delightful and unique flavor. Try the Heirloom Tomato Soup Variety Pack. This gift provides the best exposure to the variety of flavors and unique offerings that Tomato Bliss provides. The uniqueness of buying from a regenerative and biodiverse farm ensures that you're receiving the highest-quality product on the market and feel great in doing so."

Learn more about Roman and Full Send Finance here

Lorilyn Wilson, Lake Oswego Tax

A notebook with a picture of a yellow bird on it.

Dashboard Deskpad, $23, Ink + Volt

"Ink + Volt is an online stationery business and a client of mine. The gift I recommend for my other clients is the Dashboard Deskpad because it's a perfect-sized desktop planner that lays out your week and tasks in a very clear and organized manner."

A bottle of soap next to a bottle of mouthwash.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400, Luxe Atelier Spa

"Luxe Atelier Spa is a luxury European spa and a client of mine. They have a retail presence where they sell facials and products, and an e-commerce presence to sell products. The one gift I recommend is the Lotion P50 PGM 400 — it's an exfoliating toner for your skin and is basically liquid magic. I had my plastic surgeon compliment my skin twice when I saw him a couple weeks ago, and it's from using this."

Learn more about Lorilyn and Lake Oswego Tax here

Jeff Wilson II, The W2 Group

A picture of a decal of a toaster.

Safe Sisters Circle, Donation

"My favorite nonprofit has been the Safe Sisters Circle because we really like to see the impact of accounting and how it affects our communities. The Safe Sister Circle is a legal services nonprofit that provides pro-bono legal services to victims of domestic violence in the Washington, D.C., area."

Learn more about Jeff and The W2 Group here

Keila Hill-Trawick, Little Fish Accounting

A pair of metal scissors sitting on top of a table.
A white ceramic cup sitting on top of a wooden table.

Aloe + Green Tea Soy Candle Jar, $24, Handmade Habitat

Gold Wick Trimmers, $14, Handmade Habitat

"Handmade Habitat is a previous client of ours which I was super excited about because I love candles. The green tea and aloe candle is my go to, the scent is subtle and helps ease my anxiety when I'm worked up. I also love the gold wick trimmer. I'm notorious for letting my candles burn too long so it comes in handy for maintaining a balanced burn."

Learn more about Keila and Little Fish Accounting here

Caleb L. Jenkins, RLJ Financial Services

A group of fried food sitting on top of a white surface.

Cinnamon Toffee Almonds, $7, Rodin Ranch Farmers Market

I love Rodin Ranch’s cinnamon toffee almonds, the cinnamon honey roasted almonds, and the toffee almond butter — we love supporting the local agriculture industry! I grew up in a walnut and almond orchard and one of my first jobs was working in the orchards.”

Learn more about Caleb and RLJ Financial Services here

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