Ask the expert: Financial self-care as a healing practice

Expert Minna B: Financial self-care is allocating resources while establishing healthy habits to generate stability through proper money management.

Future of small business: How to succeed in three of America’s fastest growing industries

Learn which industries are predicted to create the most jobs this decade and how new businesses can succeed. Insights from leading experts and 1,200 professionals.

How this young entrepreneur is showing the "sweeter side" of Compton

Meet the winner of the QuickBooks and Compton G.IRLs Club Business Incubator, Kukim Vazquez, owner of Home Sweet Compton.

Moving your business online could be the key to success in 2021

QuickBooks surveyed 890 small business owners to learn how e-commerce has changed the playing field and what they expect for digital technology in 2021.

5 key takeaways from the Compton Girls Club business incubator

Whether you're new to business or in need of a refresher, everyone can benefit from these lessons learned from the Compton Girls Club Business Incubator.

Ask the expert: How do you launch a successful business?

Bestselling author Alli Webb shares her tried and true truths about starting a successful business from scratch.

Introducing Cimone Key: Creativepreneur, coach, and QuickBooks pro

Now, on the fifth anniversary of founding her business, Cimone is sharing her inspiring story on screen with her new series, Black Creative Table.

How one Black-owned business serves its community, a cup at a time

Shanita Nicholas and Amanda-Jane Thomas are the co-owners of Sip & Sonder, attorneys, and co-founders of the nonprofit LA Black Investors Club (LABIC).

Ask the expert: How can small business owners practice self-care?

What is the importance of self-care, and why is it important for small business owners to practice self-care? A health and wellness expert weighs in.

Money lessons from mom: A tribute by small business owners and entrepreneurs

As a tribute to mothers everywhere, we asked small business owners and entrepreneurs to share their best and wisest money lesson from mom.

Financial wisdom from dad: A Father’s Day tribute on life and business

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked entrepreneurs and small business owners to share what their dad taught them about money. Here’s what they learned …

What is imposter syndrome and how can you overcome it?

Have you ever felt like a fraud. If so, you’re not alone. 70% of people experience imposter syndrome. So, what is it? And how can you overcome it?

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