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QuickBooks Online now automates accounting across your e-commerce stores

QuickBooks® Online now seamlessly integrates with your online sales channels, including Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. No more manually entering and cross-checking your sales and payouts individually in each of your stores; they are automatically in your books for you to review and approve. With QuickBooks Online commerce accounting capabilities, you can:

●     Connect once and seamlessly import data to QuickBooks: Connect your Amazon, Shopify, and eBay e-commerce platforms and marketplaces with a fast and easy setup to automatically import sales and payouts to QuickBooks and map them to the right accounts. Once connected, QuickBooks keeps your books up to date.

●     Smart matching: QuickBooks automatically breaks down revenue, taxes, and fees across your sales channel and maps the payouts with the bank deposits.

●     See trends at a glance: Get insights into your sales, revenue, and top selling products; run detailed reports on your business performance across your sales channels.

●     Make tax time easier: With detailed financial breakdowns automated, maximize your deductions to take some of the stress out of doing taxes.

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Ready to start automating your e-commerce accounting? Depending on your QuickBooks Online subscription, you can connect single or multiple e-commerce stores with QuickBooks as follows:

●     Simple Startsingle e-commerce store.

●     Essentialup to three e-commerce stores.

●     Plusunlimited e-commerce stores.

●     Advancedunlimited e-commerce stores.

QuickBooks Online commerce capabilities are now included in new QuickBooks Online subscriptions, and will be available to existing customers over the next several weeks.

Learn more about how QuickBooks can help your small businesses thrive with a commerce solution, or visit us in person at the Amazon Accelerate conference in Seattle, WA, on Sept. 14-15 by registering now.

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