The best work hours tracker for valuable business insights

Easily track worker hours with QuickBooks Time, online or on the mobile app. Get valuable insights into how employees spend their work time.


The best mobile time tracker for work hours

Paper timesheets, like typewriters, were cutting-edge once. Today, they’re relics. Mobile time tracking is the modern-day time tracking solution. And unlike paper timesheets, our time tracking tool can save you time and money.

Our favorite time tracking features

Time tracking for everyone
Time tracking for everyone

Whether your team is big or small, QuickBooks Time makes it easy for employees to clock in or out. Take a break, change job codes, and add timesheet details instantly.

Mobile scheduling icon.
Mobile app for iPhone and Android

Download our mobile time clock app for Android or iPhone. Track, submit, and approve worker hours from anywhere.

Scheduling for employees and crews

Build employee schedules in minutes. Add jobs or shifts, then quickly edit, publish, and share the schedule with your team. Custom alerts keep everyone in the know.

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Overtime settings and notifications

Don’t get caught off-guard by employee overtime. Automated notifications alert you when an employee is approaching overtime

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Dashboards and real-time reports

Keep track of work hours and pay with illustrated reports of your team’s recorded work hours. Get up-to-the-minute insights as you go, so you can redirect work as needed.

Payroll and accounting integrations

Time tracking is just the beginning. QuickBooks Time integrates with top payroll and accounting solutions. Streamline payroll to save time and money.

How to track work hours in QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time makes it easy to track worker hours. Here’s what you need to do to get started today:

  1. Sign up for a free trial and test us out. No credit card required. 
  2. Invite your employees to use QuickBooks Time.
  3. Create jobs or sync with QuickBooks to import your customers. 
  4. Run reports for hours worked by employee, job, group, and more. 
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Additional time tracking features

  • Track worker hours your way on a computer, tablet, or mobile app.
  • Use GPS tracking for real-time updates on remote teams.
  • Clock everyone in or out at once with the Crew feature.
  • Cut down on buddy punching and time theft with photo capture.
  • Add photos and signatures to timesheets for easy compliance.
  • Get one admin free.
Macbook and iphone showing gps tracking and whos working window on QuickBooks Time software.

Track hours, save thousands on payroll

18% of managers track employee work hours. And many are doing it on paper time cards and spreadsheets, according to a 2017 QuickBooks Time survey. But this manual process can impact employee payroll negatively.

The good news is there’s a work hours tracker that can help. Track hours and minutes with QuickBooks Time, and never lose visibility on hours and overtime. QuickBooks Time users save an average of 4% on payroll costs with accurate-to-the second time tracking.¹ When you’re not spending hours chasing down employee time cards, you have more time for the business.

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Why you should use QuickBooks Time for work hours tracking

QuickBooks Time is more than just a work hours tracking solution. It’s an essential tool for an accurate payroll process. Automatic notifications help employees remember to clock in and out. And real-time reports and tools help managers make smart business decisions.

FAQs about the work hours tracker

Automate time tracking, and save time and money on payroll