Laura’s Mantra: Automate for Accuracy


The History

2005: Laura founded Redmond Accounting, offering outsourced controller services for privately held companies
2013: Co-Founded Cloud Consultancy LLC to help small businesses take advantage of the many benefits of cloud accounting
2015: Sets up easy, efficient, cloud-based solutions for small business owners to manage their books on their own


Apps add efficiency. And mobility.


According to Laura, QuickBooks syncs seamlessly with powerful third party apps—making it easier (and more efficient) to work on the fly. Different businesses need different apps. But here are a few of Laura’s favorites:



Reconcile. Reconcile. Reconcile.


OK. She’s an accountant. And she gets that it may sound boring.

But not with QBO in the cloud… (No digging through drawers. No traveling to different sites.) Everything’s all together— on any device—so reconciling in just a few clicks is almost irresistible.


Let Laura help you

Part of Laura’s business helping small businesses like yours get set up on QuickBooks.

She gives you step-by step tour of QuickBooks—and recommends the right set-up and apps for your particular business. Interested? Find her contact info here.