Business Planning


How to build a supply continuity plan in the midst of uncertainty

Unforseen circumstances can disrupt your supply chain in an instant. Supply continuity is critical for building your products and delivering your services.

How to build a business continuity plan

With all that's going on in the world, you may be worried about the survival of your business. Here are some tips to build a buisness continuity plan.

How to register as a self-employed business owner: A step-by-step guide to conquer complexity

Knowing how to register as a self-employed business owner can feel complex. That’s why this guide walksthrough five steps to simplify the process.

How to be more productive as a small business owner: 5 strategies to save time, do more, and focus on what matters

As a business owner, there are seemingly endless demands on your time. Wondering how to be more productive? Here are five strategies you can try now.

How to write a business plan (template): 10 steps, 5 tips, and examples to guide you

A wealth of data exists on how written business plans drive success. That’s why we created a business plan template to guide you step by step.

How to Create a Profit Sharing Plan for Your Business

Aligning your business success with employee compensation is tough. An effective profit sharing plan can help you net a win for you and your employees.

3 Food Business Models: Top Challenges and Best Solutions

Restaurants, coffee shops and bars have unique challenges they need to overcome. Here are a few simple tips on how to solve these issues for restaurateurs.

How to build financial projections for your startup

Financial projections are crucial for a startup, and not just for obtaining financing. Learn why you need them and how to create high quality projections.

End-of-the-Year Checklist for Small Businesses

For your small business, ending the year the right way can set you up for success come January. From accounting to HR to technology, learn what you need to do.

Cost-benefit analysis: A guide to making strategic business decisions

Should you run a cost-benefit analysis before committing your company to new initiatives? Learn how to use this technique, plus its benefits and drawbacks.

How to create a process & procedures manual

Learn why a procedures manual can help you work more efficiently and prevent theft. Read about how you can work with your staff to write a procedures manual.

How to run your family-owned small business, without the drama

While family-owned small businesses fuel local and global economies; they also have a tendency to fuel complicated emotions. Here’s how to succeed.

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