How to approach friends and family for funding

When you’re starting a business and need money, your loved ones seem like an obvious choice. Here’s how to approach your friends and family for funding.

How to use angel investors to fund your business

Getting enough money to start your business is a challenge, and “find angel investors” is common advice. Here’s how to do that.

Breaking the bank: What is equity financing and how does it work?

Before you seek investors, learn how they might impact your business. Here's a look at the pros and cons of equity financing and other financing options.

Download The Complete Guide to Equity Financing

Funding a business? From seed and angel rounds, to strategic investors and venture capital, learn about equity financing with our free e-book.

5 Legal Considerations for New Businesses

Navigating legal issues as a new business is tough. Scott Alderton, founding partner of Stubbs, Alderton & Markiles, offers tips on avoiding legal pitfalls.

How To Use Venture Capital To Fund Your Business

What is venture capital, when should I go after VC funds and how do I pitch them? These are just a few questions we answer in our Guide to Equity Financing.

How to Stay Compliant and Prepare Your Business for Equity Funding

Learn the right business structure, best investment terms and correct documents to stay compliant when onboarding equity investors and capital.

INFOGRAPHIC: What’s the Difference Between Angel Investors and Venture Capital?

Should your business pursue angel investors or venture capital? And what's the difference? Understand the two with our infographic on equity financing.

VIDEO: How to Find, Pitch and Land Venture Capital Investors

Vincent Bradley, CEO of FlashFunders, offers insider tips on how to find and pitch venture capital investors as part of our series on equity financing.

VIDEO: Reach New Heights: Using Angel Investors to Fund Your Business

Angel investors are often the first major source of equity capital before you can pitch to venture capital firms. Learn about getting angel investors.

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