How to Create a Pitch Deck That Will Land Equity Investors

by QuickBooks

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To land equity financing, you’ll need a fine-tuned pitch deck to formally present your company to investors. Considered a concise version of the traditional business plan, a pitch deck is usually a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10 to 12 slides outlining your company’s strengths and consumer traction. Preferably short to maintain investors’ attention, a pitch deck is essential in the equity financing process.

For the purposes of this article, we’ve created a fictitious company named Pamela’s Pooch Patrol, or P³ for short, to demonstrate how a pitch deck looks. P³ is a mobile app that offers dog caretaking services for dog enthusiasts all over the nation.

We’ve also included a pitch deck template with step-by-step instructions that you can download here for free.

From raising small amounts of capital from friends and family, to pitching large venture capital firms, you’ll need a pitch deck from the outset of the equity financing process. Unique to each company’s specific industry and value proposition, a pitch deck should be a living document that constantly evolves as your company navigates the road to success. Download our free pitch deck template to take the first step on your equity financing journey.

For in-depth treatment of the entire equity funding process, including tips on pitching to angel investors and venture capital firms, download our free e-book, The Complete Guide to Equity Financing.

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