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Restaurant POS: What is a restaurant POS system

From placing orders, managing inventory and processing payments. A modern Point of Sale System can be the a difference maker in your Restaurants operation.

What is business process management?

Small businesses can streamline their business processes through business process management. Learn about BPM steps and what you need for effective BPM.

The Small Business Stack: Essential Tools for Running and Growing Your Business

Here are five essential software tools that nearly every business could benefit from.

What Is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Do you spend an undesirable amount of time or money managing your inventory? A Vendor Managed Inventory strategy might help.

How to Optimize Inventory to Maximize Profitability

Whether you sell in-store or online, the most important driver guiding your inventory strategy should always be one metric: profitability.

How Inventory Valuation Drives Profits and Taxes

Learn how profits and taxes are impacted by the value of your inventory and your accounting method.

How you can help protect your business from fraud

Tech support scams and other fraud are on the rise. That’s why we have put together this guide to help keep your small business protected.

Inventory turnover ratio: What it is and how to use it

We review the inventory turnover ratio, formula, calculations, and everything else you need to know to ensure you have a good inventory turnover ratio.

What is the Dark Web, Must know for Small Business

What is the dark web? What type of business information is found on the dark web? What can hackers do with your information? How can you protect yourself?

How to write a proposal that turns into a successful project

Project proposals help business launch new projects by providing a clear roadmap. Essential elements include problem, objective, solution/deliverables, budget, authorizers/stakeholders, and appendix.

Small Business Owners Don’t Make Full Use of Operations Technology

Small business owners are not making full use of operations technology according to this special report from QuickBooks Payroll based on an independent survey.

Is Your Record Keeping System Wasting Time (And Money)?

For every hour spent treating patients a doctor spends two doing paperwork. Is your record keeping system holding you back? Do you have too many files and not enough storage?

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