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What's new in QuickBooks Online: April 2022

With tax day behind you, it’s time to switch gears and focus on boosting your business. We’ve got integrations and features that can help you work smarter while bringing you closer to your business goals.

Spreadsheet sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: Microsoft Excel now directly connects with QuickBooks® Online Advanced, making data transfer and reporting a lot easier.

Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced offers two-way syncing with Excel. This enables you to build customized reports, analyses, budgets, forecasts, and visuals in a tool you probably already use, without compromising on convenience or data accuracy.

Keep your data in sync: Avoid manual errors by seamlessly connecting with Excel. Add and edit data in bulk in your spreadsheet and sync it directly into QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Dig deeper into your finances: Track your business performance by leveraging Excel to customize reports with your QuickBooks Online Advanced data. Use pre-made templates, build consolidated reports for multiple companies, and refresh your data in a single step.

Work with the tools you’re used to: No need to throw out your spreadsheets. Work with your data how you want, and create flexible workflows with familiar tools when you combine the power of Excel and Advanced.

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Integrate Centage Planning Maestro, a leading financial planning and analysis solution, with QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: Sync your QuickBooks Online Advanced with Centage Planning Maestro using the Centage Connector for better forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics.

We understand how important forecasting tools are to your budgeting and planning process. With this latest integration, QuickBooks Online Advanced users can test complex scenarios from financial data and forecast results using different financial models and drivers.

Plan, forecast, and budget accurately in less time: Automatically pull actuals, run scenarios, and import reliable budgets, minimizing the risk of human error or duplicate information.

Collaborate and get approvals quickly on your budget: Gather feedback in Centage Planning Maestro for your budget and seamlessly export it to QuickBooks for approval. While Centage also integrates with QuickBooks Online Plus, exporting to QuickBooks is exclusive to Advanced users.

Make informed decisions with powerful forecasting tools: Create what-if scenarios to test potential financial impacts, so you can be confident in taking calculated risks without missing out on opportunities.

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Switch to the Connect to Square app

In a nutshell: The legacy Sync to Square app will be retired on May 15, 2022. The new Connect to Square app will make the transition easier for QuickBooks Online users. We recommend switching to the Connect to Square app, which can be found in the QuickBooks Online app store.

What’s changed:

●     The Connect to Square app allows you to connect multiple Square locations, import item and customer details, and group sales by payout.

●     Transactions brought in through the new Connect to Square app can be found on the App Transaction tab. You have the ability to review transactions before you add them to your books. Once added, the app creates sales receipts with matching deposits. Preferences can also be changed in the app settings.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Square account to QuickBooks Online.

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Washington State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate change capability

In a nutshell: QuickBooks Payroll customers with employees in Washington state can update their State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rates for a given tax period directly in product without the need to contact support.

The state of Washington recently released new unemployment insurance rates, which were automatically updated for relevant QuickBooks Payroll customers with automated taxes and forms turned on. Customers with automated taxes and forms turned off can now adjust their SUI rate for Washington state on their own within QuickBooks Online Payroll, with this flexibility for other states anticipated to roll out down the line as well. 

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