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Complete guide: How to open your professional services business

I.T. consultants, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects—these are just some of the occupations that are considered professional services.

A professional services business can be any type of profession that provides knowledge-based expertise to its clients. Employees of professional services businesses often complete specialized training to sell knowledge and expertise, not tangible objects.

Professional services is a large and diverse industry that includes many different types of businesses. But no matter what your speciality is, there are certain steps that every company should take to get started. Throughout this guide, we’ll go over these steps to help you on your way to opening a successful services business so you can make your dreams a reality. Read from start to finish for a complete understanding or use the links on the left to jump to a section that matches your journey so far.

Creating a professional services business can be extremely rewarding. However, as with any business, getting it up and running can be a challenge. From legal needs to licenses and business plans to taxes, there are several critical things that need to be taken care of before you can open your doors with confidence. But there are many resources—including QuickBooks—to help you along the way.

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