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Don’t ditch the dashboard: How QuickBooks Online dashboards can help you visualize data, KPIs, and key metrics at a glance

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Staying organized is a key component of operating a successful business. Stumbling around to gather relevant information wastes time that you could be using to focus on growth. When you have one single place to find everything you need for your day-to-day and beyond, you avoid frustration and embrace productivity.

The QuickBooks® Online homepage dashboards help business owners succeed by providing a single source of truth. Everything you need to measure KPIs and metrics lives in one easy-to-find place. You’ll also be able to easily forecast your business performance, using automated data and machine intelligence to help you meet your targets and benchmarks. In addition, QuickBooks’ financial dashboards help you determine pricing parameters, based on profitability objectives.

How to navigate your QuickBooks dashboard

To view your dashboard, head to your QuickBooks homepage. Here, you’ll see every functionality you need to run your business in one place: banking, sales, expenses, reports, taxes, accounting, and more. Through easy-to-interpret charts and graphs, you’ll gain a bird’s-eye view of how your business is doing and what you need to do next. If you’d like to view more of your dashboard and QuickBooks data visualization, you can hit the three lines in the upper left corner to minimize the navigation bar and see more insights.

Buttons in upper right corner:

  • Settings: Manage your settings, users, recurring transactions, and bank accounts with customization options that help you use QuickBooks in the best manner, according to your business needs.
  • Create: Create new transactions for your business, clients, and collaborators, such as invoices, estimates, bills, timesheets, and other actions, to keep your finance metrics front of mind.
  • Search: Quickly access and understand a breakdown of all your recent transactions by searching.

Tabs on left side:

  • Banking: Add your business banking account, then easily extract data to view real-time transactions, profits, losses, and other financial data and visualizations.
  • Sales: Here, you can review accounts receivable records of all recent and historical sales, as well as quickly view customer names, balances, and payment statuses to understand your customers’ location in the funnel. Viewing sales history can also help you with future forecasting.
  • Expenses: Discover insights on how you use financial resources and pay balances to contractors. You can use this tab to further understand accounts payable, your business’ cash flow, and how you can cut costs.
  • Projects: Track projects by adding project income, expenses, and labor expenses. Add old transactions to new projects and run project-specific reports from a single dashboard.
  • Workers: Manage payroll for employees and contractors and embrace automation so you can reduce human error and save time. In the Workers tab, you can find all HR and payroll information in one accessible place.
  • Reports: Run a profit and loss financial report to easily check on your business’ performance.
  • Taxes: Conveniently manage and track your sales tax – a necessary requirement for reporting your income to the IRS during tax season.
  • Accounting: Connect with your accountant through this tab, and get in touch quickly when you have questions related to bookkeeping.

How to create custom dashboards in QuickBooks Online

Every business is different, and your needs may not exactly match what the QuickBooks Online dashboard automatically provides. Thankfully, you have the option to customize your dashboard. Not all features are customizable, but some are.

Bank accounts and related credit card information can be reordered, based on the frequency you use them for easy access. If you need a more customized experience, QuickBooks Online can also be integrated with hundreds of third-party applications to create a cohesive experience, based on the apps your business uses in its everyday operations.

How QuickBooks Online customers can use dashboards to benefit their business

Real-life scenario: A small business owner uses QuickBooks Online to manage their food truck. By regularly checking in on their QuickBooks dashboard, they can stay on top of their daily sales, keep updated on payments to food supply vendors, manage payroll for the food truck staff, and forecast for busy seasons. With all of this pertinent info in one convenient place, they save time in their day and can now attend more farmers markets and events, rather than having to spend time automating reports and processing payroll on their own.

Customer review: “The QuickBooks Online dashboard reminds you daily of your income and your previous month expenditures, using a donut chart. The home dashboard screen also shows you how much money was earned over the last 30 days. I personally think this is an awesome feature, especially if you are trying to reach higher sales targets in the upcoming months and lower your expenditures.” – Olivia R., administrative assistant at a retail company of 1-10, with a five-star rating of QuickBooks Online

See how using QuickBooks Online dashboards can help you drive your small business

With everything in one place, QuickBooks Online data and dashboards help you manage your business effectively. Save time and effort by consolidating the processes and functions you use daily – without extra effort on your part. Explore how QuickBooks Online can fit your needs.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.
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