EMV Migration


How Do EMV Transactions Differ From Magnetic-Stripe Transactions?

Compared to magnetic-stripe transactions, EMV offers many benefits, including reduced fraud and increased privacy. Learn more with this guide to EMV migration.

What Does EMV Mean for an E-Commerce Business?

New chip-and-PIN cards that rely on EMV processing are poised to reduce fraud in U.S. stores. But what can e-commerce businesses do to keep themselves safe?

Step-by-Step Guide to EMV Migration for Small Businesses

The October deadline to migrate to EMV is quickly approaching. Use this simple guide to make sure your business is ready for the new credit cards.

EMV Costs, Certifications and More: What You Need to Know Before the Migration

EMV migration is neither simple nor quick, but doing your homework early can facilitate and expedite the process. Here's everything you need to prep for EMV.

3 Things You Need to Know About Detecting Credit-Card Fraud

The recent shift to EMV cards and transactions makes it even more important to guard against card fraud. Here are some tips to make your processes more secure.

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