Articles of organization: staying organized during LLC formation

We’ll walk you through how to start an LLC from writing your articles of organization through receiving your status. Get started to protect your business

How to start a corporation: A 9-step guide

A corporate structure has many benefits but can be complex to set up. Here's how to start a corporation and get your business ready for long-term growth.

3 Different Types Of Business Structures You Need To Know

Starting a business? It's important to know the types of business structures and which one is best for you. Learn more about business structures.

LLC or S Corporation: Which Is Best for Your Small Business?

When you first start a business, you may give not give a lot of thought to what type of business structure you need.

What is an S corp? Everything small business owners need to know

Electing an S corp tax structure could have financial benefits for your company. Find out if your small business qualifies and whether it's right for you.

Sole proprietor status: what does it mean, and when do you move up?

Here are four signs you may need to consider a different business structure.

How to form a Limited Liability Partnership

See how LLPs can bring tax benefits and liability protection, and get the tools and resources you need to consider moving forward to an LLP.

Single-member LLCs vs. sole proprietorships: Registering your business

Sole proprietorships are easy and cheap to form but don't offer the limited liability or business legitimacy that many entrepreneurs want.

Why are there so many Delaware corporations?

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses are incorporated in Delaware? Find out with these 8 reasons.

LLCs vs. sole proprietorships vs. other business entities

Your business’s structure affects your legal and tax liabilities. Learn the pros and cons of LLCs vs. sole proprietorships and other structures.

The ultimate guide to forming a general partnership

Creating a general partnership is a good option for new businesses with multiple owners. Learn the steps to form one here.

VIDEO: Incorporation Choices for Your Small Business

When incorporating, there's no one legal entity that fits all businesses. From C-Corp to non-profit, Cooper Harris reviewed them all before forming one for Klickly.

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